PLNU STudents Receive Top Notch Internships

Monday, January 11, 2010

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San Diego, CA -- PLNU students are receiving great internships that will help them in the future and that are great learning experiences.

Two students who recently completed internships are Erika Roberts and Jake Schafer. Schafer interned with the San Diego Film Festival for its 2009 event. Roberts interned for Carousal Productions, a new production company that was started by Steve Carrell. Carousal Productions focuses on family-based character comedies.

Both students found their internships rewarding and helpful. “The best way for a student film maker to understand how a film festival works is to work at one,” Schafer explained. “I now know the ins and outs of getting a film in a festival and what that all entails.” Schafer also said his internship helped him with networking and making friends who may be able to help him in the future. “I know what they [the film festival] want to see and will make sure that I get it right,” he said.

Roberts said she really enjoyed her internship. She said that one reason she felt she got the internship was because she did not feel a false sense of entitlement like students from other schools. “PLNU students don’t have the same attitude people from other school have,” she said. “I didn’t mind getting lunch for everyone, or going shopping for groceries.”

PLNU alum Shelby Martin received an internship with the production company DreamWorks Studios, and is currently fulfilling her duties there.