PLNU switches to channel 23

Saturday, January 9, 2010

San Diego, CA – The student television programming channel on PLNU’s campus is switching from channel 3 to channel 23 in January. Channel 3 has been the location for students in the Media Communication and Broadcast Journalism majors to show their work. With the new change in the channel, comes a new name -- Point TV.

Last year, Channel 2 was added for students to showcase short films and other productions. Channel 2 has also been an outlet for ASB and other student organizations at PLNU to showcase events and promote their causes. However, a recent change in cable providers also resulted in a change of student access channels, the channels will merge to create channel 23 and, in turn, will showcase content of both types.

Channel Manager Erika Roberts says the change of names for the student channel was done to offer something original that the school could call its own. “We want someone to identify us as Point Loma's TV station,” said Roberts. “If we ever have to change channels again, we don't have to change the name again, since it's not the name of the channel number we're on.” The new PointTV will continue to provide quality programming produced by students, for students.