PLNU Welcomes Dr. Ivan Filby as New Dean of FSB

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Originally from King’s Lynn, a small village 30 miles outside Cambridge, England, Dr. Ivan Filby attended the prestigious Aston University for both his undergraduate and doctorate degrees. During his schooling, he lectured at the University of Dublin: Trinity College. At Dublin, Filby was able to create and oversee 30 international partnerships for the School of Business Studies. Later, as the university’s first director of international student affairs, he oversaw the university’s 150 exchange partnerships as well as the recruitment of students from outside of the European Union. He traveled extensively, representing the university and the Republic of Ireland in many different venues. As part of his protocol function at the university, he met frequently with ambassadors, government ministers, and occasionally with country presidents and vice presidents. Filby has developed many educational programs at multiple institutions, expanding educational opportunities for many people, and has been published in a variety of journals for his writings on business, education, and religion.

After eight years, he left the University of Dublin for Greenville College in Illinois, feeling God’s prompting to work in Christian higher education.

Filby said that many questioned his choice to leave his highly esteemed position and travel budget for “a lower income and minimal resources.” But Filby followed where he felt the Holy Spirit was leading so that he could contribute his international business expertise to Christian higher education. During his time at Greenville College, Filby developed a master’s program for the business school; created a music business major; directed AgapeFest, a Christian music festival, transforming it from a high cost expenditure into a profitable event; and worked to more than triple the enrollment in Greenville’s business school.

Filby is now transitioning to PLNU with hopes to expand the possibilities within PLNU’s Fermanian School of Business. He hopes to grow the MBA program and develop more courses for students to study and intern internationally. His passion is to supply Christian students with the tools they need to excel in the competitive business market while maintaining fair practices and Christian values.  

Aside from academic growth, Filby is dedicated to his students’ spiritual growth. He prays openly in the classroom and invites students into his home for worship nights. His desire to develop students professionally, academically, and spiritually will benefit PLNU students and the community.