PLNU Welcomes Incoming Students at New Student Orientation

Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 30 and 31, PLNU will host New Student Orientation (NSO) on the Point Loma campus. 

NSO is a two-day experience over Labor Day Weekend designed to help students and parents/guests become acclimated to university life. Recognized as one of the premier orientation events for new students, PLNU has spent the past fifteen years refining and enhancing their campus welcome for students and parents alike.  

“The purpose of NSO is really about student success,” says PLNU President, Dr. Bob Brower. “We've found that when new students and their family experience an informative, helpful, and engaging welcome by hundreds of students and staff, the transition into the university creates a strong start for students and erases many unknowns in their adjustment to college.”

To avoid congestion on Friday and make the process as smooth as possible, each new student is assigned a time to check in. Check-in is in Nicholson Commons at assigned times. Following check-in, residential students will move their belongings into their residential hall rooms. Greeted by large teams of student leaders, vehicles are unloaded swiftly and painlessly, to allow students and families maximum time to participate in the weekend’s events.  

In addition to the many social activities during NSO, students have the opportunity to meet several times with faculty and students in their academic major area. All students are encouraged to select a major in an area of study they plan to pursue or in which they have an interest even if their choice is tentative.  

The welcome is not limited to freshman students. Transfer students attend many of the same sessions as first-time freshman in addition to the Transfer Student Track on Saturday. According to Caye Barton Smith, Psy.D., Vice President for Student Development, “These sessions were created specifically for transfer students, to encourage and welcome these ‘students with experience’ into the PLNU community.” 

Classes begin at PLNU on Wednesday, September 4th. The Fall 2013 semester marks the largest group of incoming students to campus. With nearly 800 new students, and an average GPA of 3.77 for the incoming class, NSO will usher in an exciting semester at PLNU.