Point Loma Singers' Snowy Adventure

Sunday, March 6, 2011

 The Point Loma Singers (PLS) took a nine-day, 2,000-mile trip through Western Canada, Idaho, and Washington over spring break, March 6-13. “We sang in many churches and at Ambrose University College (the Nazarene school in Canada), including my hometown of Red Deer,” said director Keith Pedersen, D.M.A.“We also sang for my 102-year-old grandmother. We saw deer, elk, mountain sheep, and a moose, and we had a snowball fight in the Canadian Rockies.”

An unexpected adventure happened while they were on their way to Banff, Alberta. The choir’s vans got stuck at the bottom of a hill due to snowy roads, and they were stranded for three hours in sub-zero degree temperatures.

PLS members stayed positive, and a farmer was eventually able to clear the road for them, making departure possible. With a good sense of adventure and hearts brimming with positivity and praise, the PLS tour was full of “marvelous experiences,” said Pedersen.