Point-TV and Alumnus Bryan Bangerter Pair up for the Launch of the

Friday, March 30, 2012

Point Loma Nazarene University
Contact: Julie McKibben
Point TV: Channel 23 Marketing & Promotions Mgr.
Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358
Date: March 29, 2012
Written by: Julie McKibben

Point-TV and Alumnus Bryan Bangerter Pair up for the Launch of the
Guerilla Film Society.

On Monday, April 2nd, 2011 at seven p.m., PLNU’s Point-TV Channel 23 will be teaming up with PLNU’s revived Guerilla Film Society (GFS).   The GFS was operating from 2007 to 2010.  But media communication major, Andrew Norbeck, is the new President of GFS, and feels like the time has come to revive it.

In the past, the club was geared toward giving students outside of the filmmaking major a chance to participate in filmmaking. However, now, Norbeck has some new ideas. 
“My goal is to make it a creative community where we can discuss ideas and to hopefully make some films,” said Norbeck. 

At the opening of the club, Norbeck wants, “to show what they did in the past and also talk about what we want to do now,” said Norbeck.   The club hopes to continue to meet once a week or once a month. 

For the upcoming film forum on Monday, Norbeck wants to bring in the founder of GFS, Bryan Bangerter, who has done two films.
“We want to reshow [some past GFS films] and say hey, we can maybe do this in the future,” said Norbeck.

Bryan Bangerter graduated from PLNU in 2010 with a degree in media communication and is now an independent videographer and filmmaker.   He and his friend, Daniel Page, founded GFS as a class project while going to PLNU. 

“We were bouncing around ideas one day and thought it would be really fun to have a film club that took the sorts of things that were incorporated into the curriculum and to put them outside of the classroom and in the hands of just the students,” said Bangerter.

The Monday night film forum will include an interview with Bangerter, along with showing his two films, She Sang She Directed and Repeat After Me.
  She Sang she Directed is a 25 minute musical, and Bangerter said, “I thought it would be fun to do a film with music. I am a musician as well as a filmmaker and so I do a lot of recording and a lot of writing and so, I just felt like I could put the two worlds together.”

 Bangerter’s second film, Repeat After Me, is a “bromance about two roommates who are very different people who don’t get along and kind of suffer from an accident that can’t be explained, then suddenly they are talking simultaneously,” said Bangerter.

 Both of Bangerter’s films have won awards from local film festivals. Repeat After Me won best humor and best local film at last years film festivals. 
“We had a really great outcome for that, and I really believe that is just because the story was simple [and] unique,” said Bangerter.