Point TV Welcomes All-Senior Staff

Monday, October 11, 2010

PLNU’s student operated channel has officially kicked off its 2010-2011 academic year with a new name and a set of fresh faces.  Point TV, previously Channel 3, welcomes an all-senior staff.
Jessica Bobik succeeded Erika Roberts as the new General Manager for the station.  She has worked with various television studios, and hopes other students will get a feel for what it is like to work in a real studio.  Bobik wants staff and students alike to utilize their time and creativity to the best of their abilities. 
“We want to make sure shows being produced are of the highest possible quality, always improving and avoiding backsliding at all costs,” said Bobik. “To experience is to learn, and that’s what we’re all here for.”
 Point TV’s student newscast, Coastline News is now under the leadership of senior Sarah Willer.  Willer collaborated with Coastline’s director Mike Spear in revamping this year’s set.  Every other week viewers can catch a glimpse of the new rectangular mahogany stained tabletop that sits in front of reporters.  The news duo is also expecting a modern backdrop within the next couple of months that will feature a three-panel snapshot of PLNU’s very own sunset cliffs.
“We’re hoping to give the future broadcast journalism students as realistic work experience as possible for the future,” said Willer.
In addition to serving as Coastline’s director, Mike Spear is also Point TV’s Production Manager.  With an updated budget, Spear is responsible for creating various set designs for future and existing shows. In conjunction with the restoration of Coastline’s set, Spear’s next project will be and updated design for this semester’s Reel Students segment.
    "I've done a lot of work with channel management in the past, so coming in on staff gives me great hopes for what we have planned,” said Spear. “We hope to create a current and relevant atmosphere for the community of Point Loma."
       With the merge of Channel 3 and Channel 2, Channel 23 needed a tweak in programming. Senior Jen Hassen is this year’s Programming and Trafficking Manager.  Hassen puts shows in order, and ensures that the line-up runs smoothly across campus.   She also worked closely with the studio’s Technical Assistant Director, Rick Moncauskas to ensure that Coastline newscasts air live Wednesday’s at 8p.m.  Hassen is one of four students that work as a studio technical assistant.
    “I'm working to manage shows as well as lead and mentor younger students,” said Hassen.  “There are so many new things that I learn each day and I am looking forward to where this will propel my future.”
    Point TV staff looks forward to the year and a few opportunities that lie ahead of them.  The team will head to Los Angeles this month to see a taping of the new sit-com “Better with You.”  Staff members have also been extended the chance to attend January’s 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

If you have any inquires regarding Point TV promotions please contact Nicholle Jaramillo at njaramillo777@pointloma.edu, or if you want to get involved with Point TV please contact General Manager Jessica Bobik at jbobik1228@pointloma.edu.