Point TV Welcomes New Leadership Team

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Point Loma Nazarene University
Contact: Kalyn McMackin (760) 685-3312
Point TV: Channel 23 Public Relations Manager.
Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358
Date: September 25, 2012
Written by: Kalyn McMackin

Point TV Welcomes New Leadership Team

While Point Loma Nazarene University greets new students and ushers in the beginning of another new year, Channel 23 also welcomes new faces to the Point TV station management team.  These students are responsible for utilizing their TV and film writing and production skills to provide programming and promote Point TV and its programs.

As a media communication transfer student from Washington, senior Gerrit Hoeks took on the most stressful position, station manager. Having some good experience in production, but little experience with Point TV before, Hoeks applied for an opportunity in which he knew he would be challenged.

 “I wanted to put myself in a leadership position where I would be stretched,’ said Hoeks. “I was so excited when I got the job because I was beginning to think my experience at PLNU was going to be purely academic.”

However, getting the job wasn’t exactly easy. Not only did Hoeks have to nail his interview, but he also had to prove that despite being behind in the program, he had what it took to be a successful station manager.

 “I learned from a very young age that humility and respect can get you a long ways,” said Hoeks. “Throw in an active imagination and a little hard work and it's pretty easy to stand out above the crowd.”

Hoeks said that his main goal for Point TV this year is to grow the audience and get more students involved in the program.  Additionally, he has also planned several fun mixer events in an effort that “everyone can get to know people outside of their bubble.”

Junior broadcast journalism major, Julie McKibben, took on the role of being Coastline News Manager.  As part of an upper division course, Coastline News is a bi-weekly student produced and written newscast that airs live on Channel 23. McKibben’s job requires her to produce and manage the entire crew and staff to ensure a quality and successful newscast.

“Wanting to take on this role was kind of a spur of the moment thing,” said McKibben. “I'm glad I got this job because I really wanted to expand my knowledge in news and I thought I could handle the pressure and be a good leader for my fellow classmates and team members.”

 McKibben’s experience and involvement with Point TV last year equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue expanding Coastline News.

 “I want to make Coastline a newscast that students can enjoy watching and a show the members of my team are proud to be a part of,” said McKibben. “It's the best learning opportunity I've been given and I'm very excited to see it grow and improve throughout the year.”

 Furthermore, she said that she is learning how to work under pressure with others, and how to manage and guide other class mates and staff “in the right direction.”

 Senior media communications major, Kelsey Low, is Point TV’s programming and promotions director, a position she wanted to take charge of in order to use social media as a means to getting more students involved.

 “I believe there is a lot of potential for Point TV but it just needs to be executed in a different light,” said Low.  “Social media is very important to reach the mass audiences of any younger generation, so that is the biggest integration I’m implementing for the campus since almost everyone is already plugged in online already.”

 By using social media, Low hopes to promote more student involvement in the station and believes that with her skills, she can be successful.

“I am qualified because my creativity allows both myself and others around me to utilize the resources around them to be able to succeed,” said Low.  “I am a natural positivist so I can set the mood for my peers to build themselves up and be accountable for higher standards. I love people and I love being able to expand myself to new challenges.”

 Kalyn McMackin, a junior broadcast journalism major, serves as Point TV’s public relations manager, a job that requires writing on behalf of anything that Point TV is involved with or doing within the program.

Having returned from study abroad last semester and finishing two internships, McMackin brings both print and broadcast writing experience to the studio. She believes that her work with both The Daily Caller and Fox 5 San Diego News has equipped her with the writing skills necessary for the position.

Point TV’s new management and leadership team is looking forward to utilizing each one of their skills in order to benefit the overall growth and success of the Point TV-Channel 23 studio.

 If you are interested in any of these positions, contact Professor Alan Hueth.