Point TV Welcomes New Sports Talk Show, 'Loma Sports Tonight'

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Point Loma Nazarene University

Contact: Kalyn McMackin (760) 685-3312

Point TV: Channel 23 

Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358

Date: November 5th 2013

Written by: Kalyn McMackin



Point TV Welcomes New Sports Talk Show, ‘Loma Sports Tonight’ 

Jacob Roth has always had a passion for sports. Whether being an athlete or a spectator, Roth enjoys the action, the stats and the overall atmosphere that sports create. As a senior Broadcast Journalism major, Roth recognized a need within Point TV for a show dedicated simply to sports. 

“Sports are what I’m most passionate about as far as journalism goes,” said Roth. “  I’m doing it because it’s what I’m interested in, it’s fun and it’s a way for me to prepare for my future.”

Loma Sports Tonight will preview different sports teams at PLNU and bring the latest news and statistics to viewers. The show offers highlights of different games including volleyball, basketball, golf and will be a source for updates on different players throughout the year. 

“Basically it’ll be like Sports Center --just Point Loma centric,” said Roth. “Everything you need to know about Point Loma sports, you should be able to find on the show.”

Dr. Alan Hueth, professor of Communication, has known Roth for nearly four years now and believes that he has what it takes to lead such a demanding project.

“I’m a big fan of Jacob,” said Hueth. “Whatever Jacob wants to do, he can do. I’m in full support of this idea.”

However, Roth’s sports show isn’t the first of its kind at Loma. Alumnus Kyle Stanley created Sports Entertainment Tonight, the first real sports show Point TV offered. 

“The best parts of Sports Entertainment Tonight were the visuals,” said Hueth. “They had great b-roll, good writing, good graphics, and it was just a higher quality, a step or two above what students normally produce.” 

The show quickly faded upon Stanley’s graduation in 2010 but, thanks to Roth and the assistance of Media Communication and other Broadcast Journalism students, PLNU will now have a place to tune in for the latest on Sea Lion Sports. 

To get involved with Loma Sports Tonight, contact producer Jacob Roth at jroth2014@pointloma.edu.