Six PLNU Students study The Human Factor in Ghana this Summer

Monday, August 13, 2012

Every year Dr. Senyo Adjibolosoo conducts a summer study abroad program in Ghana, Africa to visit The Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA).  The HFLA is an international transformational development education program of the International Institute for Human Factor Development (IIFHD) which he founded in 1992.  The primary intent of this program is to produce men and women who will be honest and compassionate leaders in their own countries.

This year he took six PLNU students: Glenn Ehrenberg, Lauren O'Keefe, Yesenia Gomez, Rebecca Ehrenberg, Jil Haentges, and Jonathan Esparza.  Two of the students, Lauren and Jil, were returning to Ghana for the second time!

The Human Factor Leadership Academy has 151 students from nursery to second grade.  This upcoming year the school will be adding third grade.  PLNU students assisted the school teachers in a variety of educational subjects, and especially enjoyed playing with the kids during break time.  PLNU students also observed other primary schools in Akatsi to discover new learning methods and improve the teaching process for the leaders and teachers of HFLA.

Leadership opportunities in Ghana continue to grow.  The Human Factor Leadership University (HFLU) is expected to open in 2013 when the Ghana National Accreditation Board (NAB) grants the required Charter for its inauguration.  On May 26, 2012, PLNU students participated in the ground breaking ceremony for a new HFLA classroom building, and work is currently in progress toward building the primary school block to house Nursery through Grade 6 classes.  The HFLA kids, dressed in traditional costume, performed cultural drumming and dancing to entertain the participants at the ceremony.

In-between their work at the school and leadership discussions with Dr. Adjibolosoo, the PLNU students went on breathtaking touristic adventures in the Central and Volta Regions of Ghana.  In the Akatsi District they attended a funeral ceremony filled with cultural drumming and dancing, embarked on a canoe ride at Xavi, and explored the Akatsi Market at least once a week.  They visited the Ghana-Togo border at Aflao and walked in Cape Coast while sightseeing at the Cape Coast Slave Castle.  They hiked to the highest waterfall area (Wlui) in Western Africa, fed monkeys at Tafi-Atome, and visited the Kakum National Park with a canopy walkway.  One of the most memorable adventures was visiting Dr. Adjibolosoo's childhood  fishing village, where they were rained on - with neither shelter nor hiding place - for a little over two hours!

Want to see the adventures for yourself?  Take a photo tour of Dr. Adjibolosoo's 2012 Summer Study Abroad in Ghana.

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To be a part of this life changing experience, and to earn upper economics credit to count toward your degree, PLNU students are invited to join Dr. Senyo Adjibolosoo for the May-June 2013 trip to Ghana.  Email for more information.

(Contributors: Chloe Sparacino, Lauren O'Keefe, Jil Haentges, Senyo Adjibolosoo)