Students Create Tierra Nueva Coffee

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Small Business Institute class taught by Professor of Entrepreneurship, Randy Ataide, is again making exciting business ideas into a reality for local business people.  Every semester Ataide couples students with local businesses around the San Diego community to develop business plans. 
This semester Ataide has one group working with a local dentist who visits Nicaragua frequently to provide dental care to indigenous people. The Small Business Institute team’s idea is to import coffee from a well-established Fair Trade Nicaraguan co-op and sell it in the states for profit and a cause. A percentage will be given back to a Nicaraguan dental clinic because health care is not a priority over there.  The team has been developing and researching the idea and what it would take to make this a reality.  But how do you bring yet another coffee to an oversaturated market?
The solution that class has developed is two-fold. First, the coffee has to be outstanding and major coffee evaluators in the U.S. testify to the high quality of Nicaraguan coffee. Second, customers of  Tierra Nueva Coffee can directly participate in bringing dental care to Nicaragua through the use of an innovative coffee bags which also serves as pre-paid envelopes to fill up with ordinary dental products that customers can send back to a well-known dental assistance team in California, who will then use it on their regular trips back to Nicaragua. Third, customers will also receive a Nicaraguan braided bracelet and a personal tag in each bag they purchase.  This approach brings the coffee customer from a passive donor to an active partner.
Not only will this company provide jobs in Nicaragua, stimulate their economy and donate dental supplies, it is also the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted. It is a fair-trade organic coffee with a rich smooth taste that will keep you coming back for more and wanting to send dental supplies back to Nicaragua just as a thank you from your taste buds!