U of U, NAU swing at Utah, January 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Event Date - January 7-9, 2011

Part of the PLNU Debate team traveled to Salt Lake City Utah this past weekend (Thursday through Sunday) to participate in two parliamentary tournaments hosted by

the University of Utah and Northern Arizona University attended by approximately 30 universities from Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Indiana Washington, Oregon, California and no doubt other states as well.


Our three teams missed advancing to the elimination round of the first tournament by just one decision for each team, but two of the three advanced to the elimination rounds in the second tournament.  The two advancing teams were Ashley Nuckels and Ian Sharpels, and Kim Jenkins and Alex Pineda, though McKayla Carpenter and John Morris again came within just one ballot of advancing in this extremely tough field.  Caitlyn Burford did an outstanding job of judging and coaching.


Some of you have inquired at times about what topics we debate at these tournaments.  Traditionally they have been the type of topics that a generally well read student keeping up on current events should be expected to know about.  They are only given 15 minutes to research and formulate their arguments once the topic is read and five minutes then to find their classroom, and the topic changes every round.  There is a trend in some of these national circuit tournaments to select extremely hyper specific topics that in my opinion not many students should be expected to have any depth of knowledge about, or be prepare to debate upon.   But despite these challenges our students represented the school very well.


Here are the resolutions that the tournaments presented for the students to debate this weekend.  There are some other problems with topic or resolutional hyper specificity.  For example.  In Round Four at NAU, the International Criminal Court is not the body hearing the dispute between Australia and Japan on whaling.  And when asked about the meaning of the letters “IHS” in the first elimination round for the Great Salt Lake tournament, the debate director reading the resolution admitted he had no idea, that he was just reading the resolution.  Needless to say we learned a lot this weekend and enjoyed some snow. J 


Northern Arizona University- Friday/Saturday

Round 1: The United States Federal government should decrease economic ties with China.

Round 2: The World Trade Organization should rule against Brazil in Dispute DS409.

Round 3: The United States Supreme Court should rule stop and frisk procedures unconstitutional.

Round 4: The International Criminal Court should rule in favor of Australia in its dispute over Japanese whaling.

Round 5: The United States Federal Government should recognize the sovereignty of its unincorporated organized territories.

Elimination 1: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its immigration policy.

Elimination 2: The United States Federal Government should adopt the US-Panama Free Trade Agreement.

Elimination 3: India should relinquish all control of Kashmir to Pakistan.

Elimination 4: The United Nations should significantly increase access to education in conflict-affected fragile states.

Elimination 5:  The Economic Community of West African States should use force to remove Laurent Gbagbo from power.



Great Salt Lake Invitational –Saturday and Sunday

Round 1:This house should use a Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

Round 2: Free Bradley Manning!

Round 3: The United States Federal Government should significantly strengthen its diplomatic relations with Venezuela.

Round 4: The People’s Republic of China should significantly increase its development assistance toward Pakistan.

Round 5: This house believes that children of undocumented immigrants should not be denied the opportunities of higher education.

Elimination 1: This house should expand IHS services to include funding for abortion services for American Indian women.

Elimination 2:The United States Congress should reintroduce and implement the Disclose Act as a legislative fix to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Elimination 3:The United Nations High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing should replace the trustee of the Green Climate Fund.

Elimination 4: The International Commission Against Impunity should reject the siege mentality.

Elimination 5: The United States Congress should nullify the Supreme Court's ruling in Carcieri v. Salazar.