Viewpoint Notables, Professor G.L. Forward

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Viewpoint Notables
Submitted by G. L. Forward, PhD
August 19, 2013

Leadership is a Communication Phenomenon
    This is the conclusion of a recent research project conducted by Management and Organizational Communication professors Dr. Kathleen Czech and Dr. G. L. Forward. The article entitled “Communication, Leadership, and Job Satisfaction: Perspectives on Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships” was published in the most recent on-line issue of Studies in Media and Communication. 
    This is the fourth research article dealing with leadership and communication published by these PLNU professors.  “In an era when leadership is much studied and little understood, and when job satisfaction has reached an all-time low,” the authors note, “ investigating factors that contribute to job and relationship satisfaction, as well as more effective leadership, becomes a critical task.” The authors used an assessment instrument designed to measure 6 supportive and 6 defensive communication behaviors.  Based on data from 154 adults working full-time, supervisors rated higher in effectiveness and higher in relational satisfaction utilized all six supportive communication behaviors more, and all six defensive behaviors less, than their more negatively evaluated peers. 

The print version of the journal will be published in December. However, since SMC is an open access journal, you can find and print the article using any internet search engine.