Earn your Master of Arts in Strategic Organizational Leadership (MASOL), an interdisciplinary graduate degree designed to apply leadership principles to real world situations. You will be prepared as a leaders to take the next step to serve and manage people and processes in dynamic businesses and organizations.


What is the Master of Arts in Strategic Organizational Leadership?


Becoming a leader requires a set of unique skills--the ability to understand and manage people, time, and relationships that requires  strength, confidence, and creativity. 

PLNU’s Master of Arts in Strategic Organizational Leadership (MASOL) is a direct response to the need that organizations express for individuals who know how to strategically lead in today’s complex and changing social and economic environment.

In this program, you will examine the art and skill of strategic decision making and problem solving within the political and cultural context of an organization. 

While the program is 100 percent online, you will work in an online cohort group as well as smaller collaborative learning teams that will provide you the opportunity to develop a professional and personal network of people who share your goals as well as utilize technology to test team building and communication skills, a dynamic that mirrors what you will experience outside the classroom in meetings, conferences, and project management.


In this program, you will be prepared to lead in areas of:

  • negotiation
  • conflict management
  • systems and strategic planning
  • team building
  • time management
  • navigating organizational change


At A Glance

Average Completion Time20 months-2 years
Cost (per unit)$464
Program Format

- 100% online, with participation in cohorts
- 12 six-week courses (36 units)

Start Date

April 27, 2015


A graduate of the master’s program will be able to do the following:

  • Recognize how personal leadership styles, strengths, and skills interact with and impact others in an organization
  • Assess and manage organizational culture, diagnose problems, and develop meaningful strategies to lead change
  • Navigate relationships between leaders and systemic process
  • Assess specific leadership practices against individual personality preferences
  • Communicate, negotiate, and manage conflict in organizational and community settings
  • Develop a leadership approach that embraces diversity and tolerance as essential to organizational success, effective leadership, team building, and community partnerships
  • Knowledgeably consume and effectively practice organizational research and  planning
  • Apply theoretical concepts to real-life situations

The faith-based difference: Founded on the Wesleyan tradition of valuing diverse perspectives, this program challenges students to demonstrate individual and contextual expression of ethics within a context of servant leadership.


This program is ideal for professionals working in:

  • nonprofit organizations
  • for-profit businesses
  • government agencies
  • churches
  • community-based institutions





Can I be a part of this program as I work full time?
Absolutely. The MASOL is entirely online, although you will work in an online cohort group as well as smaller collaborative learning teams. 


What are the professional and personal benefits of an MASOL degree?
Graduate degrees that emphasize leadership and management skills are in high demand in our ever-changing job market. According to the Education Advisory Board report, “From 2010 to 2013, the number of job postings for employees with a master’s of management skills increased 61.8 [percent] nationally.”

PLNU’s MASOL is built on a model of selfless leadership, an approach that will help you be the most successful type of leader--one who is respected, trusted, and genuine.

In short, this program will prepare you to be a strategic, effective, and agile leader and manager in your organization. 


How does the MASOL compare to a business degree or an MBA?
While many of the outcomes of a business degree a similar to those of the MASOL, MBA programs focus more on analytic skills in accounting, economics, and finance. While the MASOL also includes skills like these in our coursework, the emphasis and strength of the MASOL are in skills like leadership, management, and organizational fluency.

Also worth noting, a Graduate Management Admission Council 2012 survey reported that “graduates of non-MBA master’s in business programs were about twice as likely to continue in existing jobs after graduation than MBA graduates. Contacts at profiled institutions confirm this trend, noting that many program graduates seek promotions with their current employers rather than a change in career path.”


Is financial aid an option for me?
You will have the option to apply for a number of scholarships through our Office of Graduate Student Financial Services.

You also have the option to research options like unsubsidized federal direct loans, which are one of the primary financial aid options for graduate students. 


Do I need a business or leadership undergraduate degree?
No. Since the MASOL is an interdisciplinary degree, and since an important goal of the program is to help prepare you for the diverse challenges of the marketplace, students from varied undergraduate backgrounds and work experience only help to add challenge and dynamism to a collaborative group of individuals who will make up your program.


The MA in Strategic Organizational Leadership is an approved program under PLNU’s WASC Regional Accreditation. It is not an ACBSP approved program. For those interested in an ACBSP approved program, PLNU offers, through its Fermanian School of Business, an MBA program.