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Confirming your enrollment at PLNU is easy! Once you've set up your portal, you can fill out your forms! Access them on the portal to do list or click the buttons below! Each form will help us make your schedule, pick your roommate and make sure we know about any health needs. Click the buttons below to find out more information about each form and to get them sent our way. Don't forget- the form deadline is May 1st!

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Now that you’ve been accepted, meet other students just like you!  Join this private Facebook group to connect with future classmates, see who else has been accepted, find your roommate…or just to see how everyone else is making their college decision! 
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You've heard the saying, "Put yourself in someone else's shoes." What about putting yourself in someone else's blog? Loma Bloggers are students just like you who write about their experiences in university life. Get a glimpse of the college life by reading the blogs of just a few PLNU students.

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