Meet the Undergraduate Admissions Team

Undergraduate Admissions Counselors

Kelby Sarti Headshot

Kelby Sarti

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(619) 849-2576

Sarah Olivarria Headshot

Sarah Olivarria

Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor (last names A-L)
(619) 849-2789

Nicole Francisco Headshot

Nicole Francisco

Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor (last names M-Z)
(619) 849-2520

Samantha Steele Headshot

Samantha Steele

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(619) 849-2517

Becky Allein Headshot

Becky Allein

Senior Admissions Counselor, International Student Counselor
(619) 849-2225

Laurel Hasper Headshot

Laurel Hasper

Senior Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2558

Melanie Murillo Headshot

Melanie Murillo

Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2939

Malachia Lawrence Headshot

Malachia Lawrence

Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2641

Undergraduate Admissions Team

Scott Shoemaker Headshot

Scott Shoemaker

Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Retention

Shannon Hutchison Caraveo Headshot

Shannon Hutchison Caraveo

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(619) 849-2541

Raquel Aparicio Headshot

Raquel Aparicio

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(619) 849-2296

Wyatt Ehrlich Headshot

Wyatt Ehrlich

Campus Visit and Events Manager - SoCal Nazarene District Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-7051

Kelly Miller Headshot

Kelly Miller

Campus Visit Coordinator
(619) 849-2519