Meet the Undergraduate Admissions Team

Meet Your Counselor

Freshman Admissions Counselors

Nicole Munden

Nicole Munden

Associate Director for Freshman Admissions
International Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2520

Headshot of Lexii Ybarra

Lexii Ybarra

Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions - Outreach
(619) 849-2517

jamie Viken headshot

Jamie Viken

Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2550

Jose Dominguez headshot

Jose Dominguez

Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2576

Kayla Ongais

Kayla Ongais

Senior Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2558

Headshot of Sophia Starner

Sophia Starner

Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2641

Shriya Asher Headshot

Shriya Asher

Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2293

Transfer Admissions Team

Sarah Olivarria Headshot

Sarah Orozco

Associate Director for Transfer Admissions
(619) 849-2789

Ryon White Headshot

Ryon White

Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor
(619) 849-2563

Undergraduate Admissions Team

Scott Shoemaker Headshot

Scott Shoemaker, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Retention

Mandy Hong

​​​​​​​Mandy Hong

Director for Undergraduate Admissions
(619) 849-2225

Cristina Rangel's Head Shot

Cristina Rangel

Admissions Support Manager
(619) 849-2693

Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller

Campus Visit Manager
(619) 849-2519