Submit your Confirmation Deposit

Your first step!

Your deposit of $425 official confirms your place here at PLNU. Have your student ID number ready (located on your acceptance letter)! The deposit is refundable through May 1st. Your deposit ensures you'll receiving campus housing and a course schedule. Click the button below to pay online!


If you'd rather mail in a check, please make check out to PLNU, include the student's full name and PLNU ID number (located on your acceptance letter) and mail to:
PLNU, Undergrad Admissions
3900 Lomaland Drive
San Diego, CA 92106

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Now that you’ve been accepted, meet other students just like you!  Join this private Facebook group to connect with future classmates, see who else has been accepted, find your roommate…or just to see how everyone else is making their college decision! 
High school seniors, join the PLNU Class of 2017 page and click Join Group!  
Accepted transfer students, check out your page with newly accepted AND current transfer students, and click Join Group!

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You've heard the saying, "Put yourself in someone else's shoes." What about putting yourself in someone else's blog? Loma Bloggers are students just like you who write about their experiences in university life. Get a glimpse of the college life by reading the blogs of just a few PLNU students.

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