It's a great chance to explore the border & learn about the complexities of this fascinating region with students from PLNU.  

What students are saying about the Border Pilgrimage...

"Eye opening conversations that will challenge anyone on their previous viewpoints about immigration."
-Jaime Sease, Azusa Pacific University

"As an immigrant I was able to empathize and relate with my brothers and sisters on the other side, and as a citizen of the U.S to understand the importance of border safety and the rules regarding immigration and border crossing."
-Lynn Dickson, PLNU

"The Border Pilgrimage will challenge you and leave you with a new understanding of the narrative on both sides of the border, its one of the most eye opening experiences I have had." 
-Jen Guerra, PLNU

"This experience is well worth the trip it opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on a different culture."  

-Jasmine Maleche, PLNU

"The Border Pilgrimage helped me break away from my preconceived assumptions and form solid convictions about the reality of immigration that I can stand on and speak out about."
-April Fautsch, Azusa Pacific University