There are a variety of opportunities to volunteer with the CJR through our events, fundraising efforts, and tabling throughout San Diego County. Check out some of our current opportunities below. 

CJR Volunteer Goods

Support an Event

If you thrive in coordinating details and utilizing your creativity, you could be the perfect fit for event support. In 2023, our main event is the 2023 Human Trafficking Research Conference, and we could use volunteers for both planning and day-of support. If you are interested in supporting the Human Trafficking Research Conference, please reach out to Luz Aramburo, our Program Director of Research and Funding, here

Become a CJR Champion

All of our programs at the CJR are supported by donations. Volunteers are a key avenue for identifying those in the community who are passionate about human trafficking prevention, education, and advocacy and connecting them to this work. If you enjoy networking, hosting meals, or making connections, you could be a great champion for the CJR! If you are interested in partnering with us in our fundraising efforts and connecting those in your circle to our anti-human-trafficking efforts, please reach out to Rylie Shore Kern, our Program Director of Community Relations, here.  

Represent the CJR at Community Events

The CJR is frequently invited to community events throughout San Diego County. If you have an interest in representing the CJR at local churches, fairs, and conferences, we often need support with tabling at events. For those who are more familiar with human trafficking and the work of the CJR, we also have opportunities for volunteers to present at community events and local churches to further expand our reach. If you are interested in tabling or presenting with the CJR, please reach out to Rylie Shore Kern, our Program Director of Community Relations, here.  

Support Survivors of Human Trafficking

If you specialize in a profession that could support survivors of human trafficking directly, we also have heavily vetted volunteer opportunities for working directly with the Beauty for Ashes Scholars. Specialties that could be beneficial for the scholars include, but are not limited to: pro-bono therapy, financial literacy training, nutrition and wellness support, job preparedness training, etc. If you are interested in exploring how your expertise could support survivors, please reach out to Katie Hodson, our Manager of Student Programs, here

To stay up-to-date on volunteer opportunities or share more about your interests, please fill out our volunteer interest form here.