CJR Director, Dr. Jamie Gates was a lead researcher on the Department of Justice funded research studying the connection between gangs and sex trafficking in San Diego County.

The groundbreaking study, “Measuring the Nature and Extent of Gang Involvement in Sex Trafficking in San Diego”[1] focused narrowly on one of the most understudied aspects of human trafficking in the United States: the relationship of street gangs as facilitators of sex trafficking. Researchers gathered and analyzed data from hundreds of current and former gang affiliated individuals, schools, law enforcement agencies, and victim service providers. In all, data was collected from 1205 individuals, making it one of the largest, most comprehensive human trafficking case studies in the United States to date: 156 gang affiliated persons and/or traffickers, 702 first-time prostitution offenders, 189 survivors from eight victim services programs, and 140 County School administrators and staff. The study is a large-scale model of collaborative research to impact policy and practice, and serves as a national model for future research on human trafficking more broadly. View the full Executive Summary.

SD HT-RADAR is the San Diego Human Trafficking Research & Data Advisory Roundtable.  SD HT RADAR is an informal gathering of the researchers in the San Diego/Tijuana area that have research skills and interest related to human trafficking.  SD HT RADAR is designed to build a collaborative research environment around human trafficking in San Diego/Tijuana, to share data and plan strategically across disciplines and universities, and to impact the region with action-based research.

In early 2016 the County Board of Supervisors funded a new research position that will aggregate and disseminate the human trafficking research in San Diego County. The contract to manage this work was awarded to the Center for Justice & Reconciliation at PLNU.  Learn more about HT-RADAR and participate!

Dr. Jamie Gates testifies for Trafficking Reform Legislation

In April 2016, Dr. Gates testified on behalf of Assembly Bill 1708, which passed the California State Assembly on a bipartisan 6-0 vote.  Under Assembly Bill 1708, California would, for the first time, treat the purchasing and selling of sex as different crimes, allowing for different penalties.  This fundamental change allows a wide range of changes to be made which both improve protections for trafficking victims and create stronger deterrents for purchasers.  Dr. Gates' testimony included the findings of the recent research study on the connection between gangs and sex trafficking.  Read more about the testimony

Homelessness RADAR is the Research & Data Advisory Roundtable, a group that focuses on researching and fighting homelessness issues throughout San Diego, and the world. This website will give you the opportunity browse through intricate research that has been done on homelessness. There will be pages on the best ways to help, telling you where to go and what you can do. RADAR's mission is to bring awareness to homelessness and give the community the most efficient ways then can help.

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