Forums, Speakers, and Conferences

We host co-curricular interdisciplinary conferences, symposiums and forums for ongoing faculty, staff and student enrichment. Community members are also welcome!

Along with PLNU's Wesleyan Center, Center for Pastoral Leadership, Center for Women's Studies, and the Writer's Symposium by the Sea, we co-hosted the conference Nurturing the Prophetic Imagination in Spring 2010. Our plenary speakers included Bill McKibben, Christian environmental activist, author, and scholar in residence at Middlebury College; Kathleen Norris, poet and essayist; Michael Eric Dyson, sociologist and theologian from Georgetown University; and Emmanuel Katongole, theologian and associate professor of theology and world Christianity at Duke Divinity School. Guest speaker William T. Cavanaugh, professor of theology at the University of St. Thomas, and guest emcee Ron Benefiel also were a part of the conference.