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South Africa

This program consists of a full semester program where readings, videos, discussions, travel prep will be covered. Students in will travel together to South Africa and spend part of the program in the northern part of the country, and another part studying in Cape Town. 

South Africa - a world in one country!

Travel to South Africa after studying the country’s cultures, history, politics, economics and Christianity for months before you even step foot on a plane.

You will spend a full semester in South Africa living in peoples’ homes and experiencing contemporary life in South Africa. This trip is the incredible opportunity to visit many of the historic sites you read about in class such as Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.  Other important sites include an AIDS clinic and small business development center, rural and urban schools, and a soccer stadium.

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  • Classes:  Fall Semester - NEW Full Semester program
  • Next Trip:  Fall 2017


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South Africa

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