Center for Pastoral Leadership

Our Mission

Since our founding in the summer of 2004, the Center of Pastoral Leadership (CPL) has aimed at being a resource for pastors. We offer times of ministry renewal and opportunities for pastors to relate to one another.

  • Resource: Equipping Effective Ministers. American culture is constantly reinventing itself, forcing ministry leaders to consistently re-examine their programs. CPL offers continuing education, seminars, and forums throughout the year to equip church leaders.
  • Renew: Enabling Life-long Service. Ministers spend the majority of their time and energy serving others without much attention to their own well-being. We offer opportunities for pastors to be refreshed and renewed throughout the year in order to sustain life-long service.
  • Relate: Building Strategic Partnerships. The CPL seeks to create opportunities where pastors and those in church leadership can come together for learning and encouragement. The center also provides coaching for pastors and congregations who find themselves in challenging situations.

Church Relations

A central component of CPL is the office of Church Relations which seeks to foster and maintain the vital links between local churches and the university through:

  • Scheduling choir tours and other university music groups to perform at churches
  • Providing guest speakers from PLNU
  • Linking students and churches for internships (Click here)
  • Linking churches and pastors for full- and part-time positions (Click here)