Resource: Equipping Effective Ministers

American culture is constantly reinventing itself, forcing ministry leaders to consistently re-examine their programs. CPL offers continuing education, seminars, and forums throughout the year to equip church leaders. Examples of these "resourcing" events include:

  • Seminars by the Sea - Offered several times a year on different topics ranging from "Preaching and Teaching the Scripture" to "The Life of the Minister," this continuing education opportunity gives pastors a chance to escape to Point Loma for several days of knowledge and skill development. For more information on this program, please click here
  • Master of Ministry Degree – CPL oversees a professional master's degree in ministry, offered through PLNU's School of Theology and Christian Ministry.  Designed for full-time pastors and ministry leaders, the courses are offered in week-long intensives four times a year.  For more information on this program, please click here.
  • PACE (Pastor’s Area Continuing Education) – CPL offers quality instructors for continuing education events in your area.  Contact us at (619) 849-2410 to schedule a class today.
  • Conferences - CPL hosts multiple conferences each year specifically tailored for the different pastors on your staff.  


Renew: Enabling Life-long Service

Ministers spend the majority of their time and energy serving others without much attention to their own well-being. We offer opportunities for pastors to be refreshed and renewed throughout the year in order to sustain life-long service.  A few of our "renewal" events include:

  • Loma Ocean View Escapes (LOVE Apartments) – Each summer we offer six apartments on the PLNU campus free of charge to pastor's families needing a summer vacation. We begin accepting reservations on March 1st. All requests should be submitted to Debbie Edwards at  For more information, click here.
  • Sabbatical Planning Resources – CPL provides the tools to help pastors construct a renewing sabbatical leave.  For more information, click here.
  • Retreat Sites for Pastors - CPL can link pastors with retreat sites that are available at little or no cost.  For more information, contact us at (619) 849-2735.


Relate: Building Strategic Partnerships

The CPL seeks to create opportunities where pastors and those in church leadership can come together for learning and encouragement.  The center also provides coaching for pastors and congregations who find themselves in challenging situations.  Our "relational" events include:

  • Pastor’s Forums – From November through April the CPL hosts pastors forums; an opportunity for pastors to share joys and work through common issues through roundtable discussions. Topics covered in the past include:  "The Multi-Congregational Church," "Finishing Well" (for pastors over 55), "Beginning Well" (for pastors in their first 3 years as "lead" pastor), and "Children's Ministry." 
  • Pastors Day – Designed as a day to celebrate pastors.  Pastors from all denominations are invited to campus for a day of fellowship and enrichment.  
  • Consultations – CPL provides experts who are available to consult with pastors and congregations.


For a list of our upcoming renewing events, click here.