1.  What is the goal of the Ministerial Candidate Workshop?

The Ministerial Candidate Workshop is uniquely designed to provide licensed ministers pursuing ordination with a deeper understanding of their calling. More specifically, the retreat is for those seeking to renew their district licensure.

The goal of the weekend is to help candidates:

  • Identify personal strengths and gifting
  • Receive focused guidance and direction
  • Create a personal spiritual growth plan
  • Develop deeper self-awareness
  • Review the Nazarene ordination process
  • Cultivate supportive relationships with district leaders

At the heart of the retreat are group sessions focused on drawing parallels between great leaders in the Bible and today’s need for God-directed pastors. The weekend also includes breakout seminars covering such topics as maintaining personal boundaries, the minister’s source of significance, healthy family relationships, spiritual formation, “best practices” in ministry, and the spouse’s role in pastoral service.

In addition, the weekend includes a private consultation with a professional assessment specialist to help candidates discover and understand their unique ministry profile. The results of the assessment process and the private consultations culminate in a professionally prepared summary report.

2. Who administers the Southwest Region Assessment Program?

The regional assessment program was initiated by the district superintendents of the southwest region of the Church of the Nazarene. The Ministerial Candidate Workshop is supervised by the Southwest Regional Leadership Team and is administered by the Center for Pastoral Leadership on the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University.

3. Who has access to the assessment final report?

The individuals granted access to assessment reports are: a) the professional assessment staff, b) your District Superintendent, and under the guidance and supervision of the District Superintendent, c) your district mentor and/or d) members of the Board of Ministerial Credentials as they fulfill their responsibility to guide ministerial candidates.

4. Why do the above individuals have permission to review the report?

The individuals mentioned above were carefully selected based upon the following rationale. First, the assessment psychologists/specialists have the professional training and experience required to effectively score, write, review, maintain, or otherwise assist with the preparation of candidate profiles, consultations, and reports. Second, as part of the district’s ministerial process (as outlined in the Manual), the district leadership can, as a result of the assessment process, more effectively mentor and guide licensed ministers under their supervision.

5. Where will assessment reports be housed?

Assessment reports are housed in a locked file under the supervision of the Center for Pastoral Leadership staff.

6. What steps are taken to make sure privacy and confidentiality is maintained during this process?

The assessment specialists secured to provide assistance during this retreat are licensed professional psychologists with a clear understanding of the ethics involved in maintaining the utmost confidentiality throughout this process. All other individuals provided with access to your assessment report (i.e. your district superintendent) have the credibility to maintain the utmost discretion.

7. Are candidates able to review their assessment feedback report?

Assessment reports are not available until after the professional assessment specialists have completed their feedback reports and placed them with the district leadership. Candidates should contact their district superintendent regarding access to their assessment report.

8. Does my spouse need to attend?

Essentially, it is mandatory that each candidate’s spouse attend the retreat. The district superintendent may give permission for a candidate to attend the retreat without their spouse under certain unavoidable circumstances.

The Ministerial Candidate Workshop has been designed specifically for ordination candidates and their spouse. The goal of the retreat is to provide these couples with a clearer understanding of how they, their spouses, and their families will function as partners in ministry. With this in mind, we have clearly tailored aspects of the retreat to benefit the candidate’s spouse. To not include your spouse in the retreat will diminish a primary goal of the retreat.

9. What is the dress code for the weekend?

The retreat is casual. Please come dressed comfortably.

10. I plan to fly in for the workshop, is transportation provided from the airport?

Yes, we provide a shuttle to and from the airport, as well as to and from the hotel. Please contact (619) 849-2410 if you will need transportation.