Overview of Recent Seminars

Shaping Ministry in a Shifting Culture - Churches and the pastors must constantly test for demographic shifts and changing social-cultural realities. This course candidly considered the implications of ethnic diversity and urban gentrification, as well as, creatively exploring how pastors and ministry leaders are responding to these challenges in healthy patterns of growth and mission effectiveness.

Stewardship and Management in Ministry - Management and finance are often minor issues in pastoral training programs, but are a major issue in the work of ministry.  This seminar was designed to provide pastors with practical help in church health, effective ministry structures, team-building, change management, strategic planning, fundraising, and church and family budgeting.

Making the Journey to Easter - An exploration of the passion and resurrection narratives in the New Testament to help pastors understand better the implications of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus for contemporary pastoral work.  One feature of the seminar helped attendees develop preaching, teaching, worship, and small group material for the Lenten Season.

Standing at the Crossroads of Ministry - The goal of the seminar was to take a look at the crossroads that have shaped Christian faith throughout history, from the Apostle Paul to today's culture.  This seminar provided attendees with the tools to work effectively within, and think theologically about, pastoral ministry in our contemporary environment.