Overview of Recent Seminars

Christian Mission in Local Contexts - A profound chasm has recently opened economically and morally between American emerging adults and older generations. Churches are going through major changes as they try to remain both faithful to the gospel and relevant to the culture. More and more persons leave smaller congregations to gather in "mega-churches." "Twenty-somethings" now stay away from the church in record numbers -- even those whom the church has shepherded through their teenage years. And yet, there are "fresh winds blowing." 

What does it mean for the Church to be the Church in such a fluid, complex social environment? How have Christians in ages long before our own faced social inequity and received the poor? How does the Church live out its mission of evangelism, mercy and justice, among the poor, the young, and others in need today? You are invited to join in the sustained conversation about deep social trends in which we engage the Christian mission in today's world.

The Missional Church in a Mixed Up World- An increasing number of leaders are engaging in the life-giving practices of the missional church. But what is a missional church? If being missional includes participating in the mission of God in the world, what does this look like in a rapidly changing, diverse, and increasingly post-modern world? Participants joined a team of professors and pastors to thoughtfully consider the essential nature and mission of the church today.

Making the Journey to Easter - An exploration of the passion and resurrection narratives in the New Testament to help pastors understand better the implications of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus for contemporary pastoral work.  One feature of the seminar helped attendees develop preaching, teaching, worship, and small group material for the Lenten Season.

Leadership and Ministry - Research shows that the number one factor associated with effective leadership is a high degree of personal self-awareness. This Seminar by the Sea helps ministry leaders identify and understand their unique God-given abilities and then how to leverage these capacities in building and empowering dynamic ministry teams.