Honors Scholars Program


2016 Honor Scholars Conference (click here to view conference program)


PLNU Honor Scholars Program Guidelines and Overview

 The purpose of the Honors Program at PLNU is to prepare students for the world of post-baccalaureate scholarship and research. Students will work closely with a faculty mentor on an in-depth research project of their choosing culminating in the presentation of their findings at a conference during the spring semester. In preparation for completing their project and participating in the conference, students will be coached through the various stages of conducting a research project and transforming their work into a scholarly presentation. Throughout the fall semester, students will be given the opportunity both to practice presenting before a group and to learn by witnessing and evaluating the presentations of their peers. In late April, the University will host an Honors Conference to which all faculty, parents, and prospective honors students will be invited. All Honors Scholars will present their findings. Papers will be bound and placed in the library. Student-Scholars will be recognized at graduation, their transcript will show that they have taken the Honors Project course, and their diploma will indicate “Graduation with Honors.”

Reasons to Consider Being a PLNU Honors Scholar

  • Explore a topic of interest more deeply that is possible in a regular course.
  • Get to know and work more closely with a faculty member of your choosing.
  • Get to know and work with the very best of your fellow students at PLNU.
  • Great preparation for graduate school and/or professional work. If you want to go to grad school, you will be ahead of the game when you start. 
  • A great way to build a resume for grad school and/or post graduate work.
  • Learn how to present a polished presentation at a professional conference.
  • Make professional connections that could lead to you getting your first job.
  • Learn how to communicate your interests and work to people from completely different disciplinary backgrounds.
  • Present on your work and be honored at a really cool conference and banquet. 
  • Receive special recognition at graduation.

You can direct all inquiries about the Honors Program to Dr. Mark H. Mann, Director of the Wesleyan Center and the Honors Program, at markmann@pointloma.edu