2012 Scholars and Projects

Listed below is the table of contents for the 2012 Honors journal, Arete. To order the PLNU Honors Journal, please contact WesleyanCenter@pointloma.edu or call (619) 849-2549. The journals are $10 each. 


"Saints of the Slaughtered Lamb: A Theological Aesthetics of Peacemaking" Justin Coyle

"How Can Microfinance Contribute to Restoring Dignity and Transforming Lives in Urban Slums?" Rebecca Harver Spanish translation text of this paper can be found here: Harver.Spanish.pdf

"Death is for the Dying" Jennifer Heffel

"Songs My Mother Taught Me: Exploring Folk Elements in Classical Song" Christen Horne 

"Distress and Empathy: The Relationship Between Emotion and Pro-social Behavior" Jonathan R. Hussey

"Themes of Love: Love Pursued, Lost, and Rediscovered" Kathryn O'Gorman

"Current Residential Segregation Patterns in San Diego, California" Mitchell R. Price

"'Cultivate Your Gardens': The Benefits of Community Gardens within San Diego County" Bethany Tipton

"Walkable Communities: A Critical Step Towards a Sustainable Future" Matt Villalobos

"Slovenian Identity: From the 'Sunny Side of the Alps' to the 'Green Heart of Europe'" Natalija Waldhuber

"The Born Identity: The Development of American Cultural Identity" Kelsey Wiechert

"Exploring the Effects of Disgust: The Reciprocal Relationship of Emotion and Prosocial Behavior" Natasha E. Wright

"Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Bombers: Textual Analysis of Western Media Coverage of Female Palestinian Suicide Bombers" Awbrey Yost

"An Analysis of Trends in Chapel Attendance" Chanell Anderson and Lauren Waggoner

"Behavior Cues of Breeding Receptivity in a Female Jaguar" Hannah Green

"The Mechanical and Electrical Design of a Functional Radio-Robotic Quadrotor" Austen D. Timm and Matthew M. Hammond

"Measurements of Trace Metals in Selected Tissues of Healthy and Unhealthy Long-Beaked Common Dolphins (Delphinus capensis) in the Southern California Bight" Jeffrey Hester

"Comparison of Forced  Vibration Testing Results to a Soil Structure Interaction Model" Kurt Kellogg

"The Calculus of Variations" Tyler Levasseur

"Two Models for Studying the Migration of Macrophage Progenitors Into Cancer Cells" Michael Marcacci and Troy Kurz

"Image Compression Using Tensor Decomposition" Nathanial McClatchey

"The Experience of a Laboring Woman with Care Managed by a Midwife: A Pilot Study" Ashley Miner

"Auditory Developmental Care of the Preterm Infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit" Tracey Puckett

"Nursing Students' Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Patients Who Abuse Alcohol" Caroline Rubin

"Apex Predators of Costa Rica: A Survey of Current Knowledge" Trisha Stull

"Discovery of an Aromatic Hypochlorite Intermediate in the Reaction of the Chloramines with Phenol" Luke D. Vickers

"Reviving the Opulent: Transforming the Historical Elegant into the Contemporary Practical" Brianna Webb

"Perceived Barriers to Transitioning End-of-Life Pediatric Patients to Palliative Care" Rachel J. Webb

"Exogenous Isolation of Mobile Plasmids from Urban Coastal Wetlands" Douglas E. Zuill