2013 Scholars and Projects

Listed below is the table of contents for the 2013 Honors journal, Arete. To order the PLNU Honors Journal, please contact WesleyanCenter@pointloma.edu or call (619) 849-2549. The journals are $10 each. 


"Vanilla Sex, Blue Mustangs, and the Bible" Jeff Allen, mentor: Dr. Lael Corbin

"The Spanish Civil War: Ernest Hemingway, Max Aub, and Langston Hughes" Adilene Baltazar, mentor: Dr. Karl Martin

"Shaping Public Opinion: How Universities Should Respond to Athletic Crises" Lainie Bird, mentor: Dr. Dean Nelson

"Sophie Calle: Art and Identity" Elise Cabral, mentor: Dr. Eugene Harris

"The Effects of Strength Intervention in College-Age Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder" McKenna C. Farver, mentor: Dr. Jim Johnson

"Crossing the Boundaries of Culture: A Character Analysis of Velutha in The God of Small Things" Kaitlyn Hagan, mentor: Dr. James Wicks

"Grace in God's Backyard: An Ecofeminist Analysis of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams" Laurel Hasper, mentor: Dr. Michael Clark

"Modern Slavery: Federal, State, and Local Responses to Sex Trafficking" Kelly J. Kennedy, mentor: Dr. Linda Beail

"The Land of AIDS, Bloated Bellies, and Natives: How Nonprofit Organizations are Giving Westerners a Distorted Picture of Sub-Saharan Africa" Kristin Klein, mentor: Dr. Jamie Gates

"A Resource Guide for Working with Children with Down Syndrome" Jessica Lares, mentor: Dr. Jim Johnson

"Music for the Voice: A Recital of Art Song and Arias from the 1500s to the Present" Michelle Law, mentor: Dr. J. Craig Johnson

"El estigma y discriminacion ante el VIH/SIDA en Salon de belleza y Muerdele el corazon" Danielle Matonis, mentor: Dr. Scott Bennett

"Mary B. Coulston: Voice of the City Beautiful Movement in San Diego" Sally Rudi, mentor: Dr. Kelli McCoy

"'The Son of Man came...' (Mark 10:45): Διακονία and Christology in the Gospel of Mark" Courtney Jordan Smith, mentor: Dr. John Wright

"Methylmagnesium Bromide as a Probe for the Active Oxidation State of Iron in Kumada Couplings of Alkyl Grignard Reagents" James G. Bonner, mentor: Dr. Marc Perry

"Applications of Image Processing to Automate Tumor Imagery" Caylor Booth, mentor: Dr. Ryan Botts

"On the Alexander Polynomial and Related Invariants" Joy Chieh-Jung, mentor: Dr. Catherine Crockett

"Student Nurses' Perspective of Transition to the New Graduate Nurse Role Based on Perceived Role Preparation, Competence, and Support" Hope Garski and Chloe Sheppard, mentor: Dr. Jeanne Maiden

"Prevalence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death in College Students" McKenzie R. Halle, mentor: Dr. Sara Choung

"The Mathematics and History of Perspective in Devices in Art" Olivia Heunis, mentor: Dr. Maria Zack

"Kangaroo Mother Care for Preterm/Low Birth Weight Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Setting" Elena Rae Cameron Hower, mentor: Dr. Carrie Black

"An Exploration of Perceived Faculty Support and its Relationship to Student Nurse Stres and Wellbeing" Melissa Kingsley, mentor: Dr. Christine Sloan

"Simulation-Based Application of Artificial Intelligence to General Game Playing" Sean Lewis, mentor: Dr. Jeff McKinstry

"Perceptions of the Heart: Perceptions of San Diego High School Students on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and ECG Pre-Participation Screening" Heidi Ness, mentor: Dr. John Rogers and Dr. Dawne Page

"Assessing the Reliability of Quantitative Imaging of Sm-153" Hannah Ponek, mentors: Dr. Eric Frey and Dr. Michelle Chen

"John Wallis and Quadratures" Catherine Quimby, mentor: Dr. Maria Zack

"Two Models for Deriving Targeted Cancer Therapies by Utilizing Tumor-Targeting Macrophage Progenitors, or Tumor Associated Macrophages" Zachary Sedillo and Jack Rusing, mentor: Dr. Mike Dorrell

"Integrative Literature Review for the Development of an Elective Spanish Conversational Course to be Implemented in the BSN Program at PLNU" Yessenia Y. Soto-Rosselle, mentor: Dr. Barbara Taylor