The Samuel and Susanna Wesley Endowed Scholarship
Honors Thesis Award

The Samuel and Susanna Wesley Honors Thesis Award is established for a student or students who successfully complete an honors thesis with highest marks in the Honors Scholars Program.

The Wesley children in the 18th century were raised in an atmosphere of scholarship, wide reading, theological conviction, and ‘pious’ conversation. In this spirit, this award celebrates a selected topic in an academic discipline and in that journey comes to encounter a graced world.

Criteria for the Award:

  1. Any senior from any major enrolled in the Honors Scholar Program. 
  2. Successful completion of the honors thesis.
  3. Selection of thesis by the faculty coordinator and participating faculty and students in the PLNU Honors Scholar Program. This selection is coordinated with the director of the Wesleyan Center for 21st Century Studies.
  4. The Honors Thesis will follow the general guidelines determined by the University, by the academic department in consultation with the faculty and with the committee directing the honors program.
  5. More than one award may be granted in an academic year.



Jovonne M. Dempster, Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
Project: Transfer Student Retention and Engagement at Point Loma Nazarene University

Kirsten Woodward, Nursing
Project: Disparities in health care access and utilization for individuals grant

Andrew Fox, Sociology
Project: The Death Penalty: An Atavistic Punishment in a Modern Criminal Justice System.

Sarah Wood, Chemistry
Project: Structural studies of the two types of 2,2,4,4,6-pentachlorocyclohex-5-en-1,3-dione: Are they conformers?