Past Projects and Recognitions

Selected Projects from 2006-2007:

  • South Africa: A Model for Post-Conflict Reconciliation. Lisa M. Barnhill, International Studies and Biology (Mentor: Dr. Rosco Williamson)

  • Transfer Student Retention and Engagement at Point Loma Nazarene University. Jovonne M. Dempster, Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Mentor: Dr. Caye Smith)
    • Winner of the 2007 Samuel and Susanna Wesley Endowed Scholarship Thesis Award

  • Black Feminism's Theoretical Contributions to Third-Wave Feminist Thought. Randi A. Moore, Sociology (Mentor: Dr. Linda Beail)

  • Modern Encryption Algorithms and their Applications. Todd R. Royal, Mathematics and Computer Science (Mentor: Dr. Jesus Jimenez)

  • A Comparative Kinematic Analysis of the Subtalar Motion in Runners. Julianne D. Toler, Athletic Training (Mentor: Dr. Leon Kugler)

  • William Faulkner: A Literary Cubist. Matthew Varner, Literature (Mentor: Dr. Karl Martin)

Selected Projects from 2005-2006:

  • A Comparison of Growth Rates During Good Years (1997 & 2000) vs Bad Years (2004 & 2005) for the Endangered California Least Tern.  Rosalynn Anderson-Lederer, Biology  (Mentor: Brian Foster)
    • Received Best Poster Award at Undergraduate Biology Research Conference

  • She's getten the gift of the gab: A study of dialect in Gaskell's Mary Barton. Elizabeth Borman, Literature (Mentor: Dr. Phil Bowles)

  • Too Groovy for God? Finding Faith in a Sitcom. Joshua Romero, Media Communication (Mentor: Dr. Alan Hueth)
    • Presented work at National Communications Conference

  • The Pedagogy of Performance: Integrating Confident Performance Skills into the Learning Process.  Melissa Roy, Music (Mentor: Prof. Paul Kenyon)

  • The salvific body of Christ: Wesleyan Christology embodied in an Ecclesiology of Love.  Greg Van Buskirk, Journalism; Philosophy and Theology (Mentor: Dr. Michael Lodahl)

  • Disparities in health care access and utilization for individuals grant. Kristin Woodward, Nursing (Mentor: Dr. Lois Wagner)
    • Winner of the 2006 Samuel and Susanna Wesley Endowed Scholarship Thesis Award
    • Presented at several conferences and took 2nd place in Best Poster Contest

Selected Projects from 2004-2005

  • Isaac Newton and the Calculus.  Jedidiah Butler, Mathematics, Information, and Computer Sciences (Mentor: Dr. Jesus Jimenez)

  • The Death Penalty: An Atavistic Punishment in a Modern Criminal Justice System.  Andrew Fox, Sociology (Mentor: Prof. Patti Dikes)
    • Winner of the 2005 Samuel and Susanna Wesley Endowed Scholarship Thesis Award

  • Waiting to Exhale: The Influence of Female Pedagogy on the Communicative Style of Contemporary Female College Students.  Trina Hester, Communication (Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Czech)

  • Sex and the City of God.  Jill Hibma, Political Science (Mentor: Dr. Lina Beail)

  • Violence and Anselm's Doctrine of Atonement.  Kyle Tau, Philosophy and Theology (Mentor: Dr. John Wright)

  • Structural studies of the two types of 2,2,4,4,6-pentachlorocyclohex-5-en-1,3-dione: Are they conformers?  Sarah Wood, Chemistry (Mentor: Dr. Vic Heasley)
    • Winner of the 2005 Samuel and Susanna Wesley Endowed Scholarship Thesis Award

Selected Projects from 2003-2004:

  • Economic Trust, Contract Enforcement, and Violence: A Human Factor Critique.  Brenden Garrett, Accountancy, Business and Economics (Mentor: Dr. Senyo Adjibolosoo)

  • A Linear Perspective to Art. Sarah Littler, Math and Computer Science (Mentor: Dr. Maria Zack)

  • FoxO3 as a Signal for Thymocyte Apoptosis.  Peter Scott, Biology (Mentor: Dr. Dawne Page)

  • Folic Acid Intake in Women of Childbearing Ages. Maria Ricca Sbodio, Family and Consumer Sciences (Mentor: Dr. Kay Wilder)

  • Shadows of Heaven: An Exploration of the Extent and Effect of Platonism on the Work of C.S. Lewis.  Scott Verkaik, Philosophy and Religion (Mentor: Dr. Sam Powell)