Walter Cho, Ph.D.

Walter Cho, Ph.D.

  • Phone: 619-849-2398


  • B.A., Biology, Harvard University
  • Ph.D., Biological Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program


Post-doctoral Investigator – Biological Oceanography

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2009-2013)



Human Biology and Bioethics
Ecological and Evolutionary Systems
Marine Vertebrate Zoology
Marine Invertebrate Zoology
Perspectives on Science (Graduate Level Course)


My  research focuses on the study of the biodiversity, biogeography, and population connectivity of marine fauna, particularly the invertebrate associates of deep-sea corals, using a variety of molecular and ecological analyses.  Recently, my research has been concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico where I have been studying the potential impacts of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill on deep-sea coral communities.  I have participated in multiple oceanographic research cruises in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans using a variety of vehicles including manned submersibles, remotely operated vehicles, and autonomous robots.


Perspectives on Science - Teachers' Seminar Series

Undergraduate Research