Background Check - Urine Drug Screen Policy

Background Check - Urine Drug Screen Policy:

For the past several years there has been at least one student who has been dismissed from the program because of a dilute urine sample. This can happen easily if you are accustomed to drinking a lot of water. Drinking excess fluid is normal when you are preparing to participate in an athletic event, or working outside; but this also may cause a dilute urine sample. It can also happen because of drinking too much coffee or tea (caffeine) in the morning prior to going in for a drug screen. This is a serious matter and is not taken lightly by the School of Nursing. Because we abide by the hospital standards and there are hospitals that will not accept an American Data Bank report flag caused by a dilute we must dismiss the student. In some cases we are able to re-admit a year later (5 year student), and in other cases this will be a non-negotiable final dismiss from the Bachelor of Science Nursing program.

A flag is something that has been identified as needing attention. The flag can occur with the background check or with the urine for drug screening.

Per agreement with the San Diego Nursing Service Education Consortium and affiliated hospitals, a background check and drug screening will be required prior to your first clinical experience, and within one year of your clinical rotation at Rady’s Children’s Hospital. If a flag occurs from either your background check or drug screening, this will result in immediate dismissal from the Point Loma Nazarene University Bachelor of Science Nursing clinical courses. (Per the Board of Registered Nursing Code CCR 1426 (d) Didactic and Clinical courses must be completed simultaneously for successful completion of any course).

Dilute urine means there is too much water in the urine causing the test to be inconclusive. If you drink too much water before going for your drug screening, the result may be a dilute reading. If you receive a dilute, it will flag your American Data Bank Drug Screen Report.

We recommend no liquids after midnight until you have submitted your a.m. urine specimen. If you are concerned that your urine may be diluted flush that specimen and reschedule your drug screen appointment. (Note that urine is normally yellow in color. If the color is not obviously yellow it may be diluted.)

If you have questions please contact Program Coordinator and Selection Committee Chair, Marsha Reece, at 619-849-7055,