The Master of Ministry program is perfect for those in vocational ministry; it challenges me intellectually and spiritually, and upgrades me professionally, all while fitting around a busy schedule. - Aaron Dyck, Associate Pastor, Ontario Church of the Nazarene

The Master of Ministry program has been a great blessing. It has allowed me to pursue my degree while working a full-time as a pastor. The classroom teaching has been inspiring and the practical nature of the assignments has had a positive impact on my ministry. Next month I will be preaching through a series of sermons that I wrote as an assignment for my Old Testament Preaching class. - Mike Gilson, Associate/Family Pastor, Pathways Community Church

The Master of Ministry program has given me the fresh insights needed to renew my ministry (and) a new hunger for learning. The (program) has achieved a great balance between practice and theory. (It) challenges my thinking, as well as sharpen(s) my abilities for ministry in today’s culture. What a difference it has made in my life and ministry!

– Greg Gebhart, Assistant District Superintendent - Central California Nazarene District

So often programs that are “designed for active ministers” are pretty weak in content, but since the price was so great I enrolled. I have been pleasantly surprised. The quality of the content and the organization of the program are exceptional. All three of the classes I have attended were well designed and well taught. It isn’t just the quality that I like, but the fact that I have been able to put content from all the classes into practice in my local ministry context. I think (this degree) is invaluable for ministers. I have recommended the program often. Kyle Layne, Zoe Community Church

The Master of Ministry degree program at Point Loma Nazarene University has been a real blessing to my life. After each course, I have been able to directly apply all of the course information to my ministry setting. Since beginning this program, the congregation has commented several times on the growth they have seen in me as a pastor. The courses have been both challenging and satisfying. The modular format and the affordable cost for each course has been just right. Also, I have been able to make deep friendships with other church leaders who are in this same program.

- Chris Schroeder, Senior Pastor, Yorba Linda Faith Community Church