"Point Loma's MMin program is invaluable. I recommend it to seasoned and novice pastors alike. Point Loma utilizes the highest quality professors in a format suited to pastors in full-time ministry. As a mom, a wife, and a pastor from a rural community in New Mexico, I relished the opportunity to gather with other pastors and ministry leaders four times a year for formational theological instruction and meaningful discussion. The relationships that I formed with professors and other students have lasted long past graduation, and the things that I learned continue to shape my approach to pastoral ministry and my new role as a missionary." - Elizabeth Graham, Nazarene Missionary, New Zealand

"My time spent as part of the Master of Ministry program at Point Loma was a blast. It was intellectually stimulating, formative and the perfect mix of academics and practicum. The shared engagement with professors and peers will not be forgotten. The course of student continues to be incredibly valuable in my current ministry context. I gladly recommend this program to serious investigators, ministry students, and pastors." -Scott Pryor, Discipleship Pastor, East Ave Church

"The Master of Ministry was integral to shaping my theology and understanding of Scripture. But it didn't stop there, it was even more integral in practical application of my ministry for the sake of Christ's mission." -Jonathan Scott, Head Volleyball Coach, PLNU

"Sometimes we get so busy in ministry that we forget to pay attention to some very critical aspects of our calling! Education, higher education and continuing education are essential elements in our ministries. I'm so glad and blessed that I was able to complete my Master of Ministry degree at Point Loma, I can see a true impact in the way I prepare and deliver sermons week after week. This masters program opened up a great variety of new doors for ministry, through all of the classes, conferences and materials, every single area of ministry was covered, reinforced and challenged. The program itself was a blessing, having to interact with great people, students and professor, my mind, heart and soul was enriched. Our teachers had a great heart for God, His Church and His ministers, since the very first class I was convinced...These people want to help and see me succeed in ministry. Thank you Point Loma! This program was a ministry saving experience for me! Highly recommend it to all active ministers!" - Marcos Cisneros, Pastor, Rancho Cucamonga