Horticulture and Grounds

PLNU uses a unique collection of plants, including native California plants to enhance the natural beauty of the campus and encourage a environment conducive to learning.

The Horticulture & Grounds Department, a part of the Campus Facilities, is in charge of all planting design - the look and feel of the PLNU campus. This 90-acre campus is divided into several service areas. Each service area has been assigned to a group of groundskeepers to maintain & improve the quality of the landscape.

Horticulture & Grounds Department services:

  • Preserve, rejuvenate, and improve the landscape around campus
  • Plant care, relocation, and removal (when necessary)
  • Maintain the use of California native plants into PLNU landscape design
  • Oversee care of Campus urban forest
  • Maintain Campus streets and walkways
  • Manage and maintain the PLNU Nursery
  • Maintain a small-equipment shop
  • Provide presentation plants for events