Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the resources needed to meet service requests and demands of our Campus. Our intention is to provide excellent customer service to the campus community. All of our tasks will be undertaken with an attitude of Kingdom Service through responsible stewardship as we represent the university's Facilities operations.

Our team is designed to provide service that can be completed within a couple of hours after the work has been started. Our maintenance project team will be responsible for work that requires several hours or days to complete.

Our Goals

  • To implement a preventative maintenance program that will reduce down time campus wide.  This includes fans, blowers, locks, hinges, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical.
  • To encourage each team member to go the "extra mile" in assisting our customers.  If it can be while helping with other requested work then we will take care of the new request at the same time.
  • To challenge each team member to find new ways of doing the task before them more efficiently and thoroughly.
  • To encourage teamwork within our interrelated departments.  We know that cooperation is the key to over all Physical Plant success. Communication is essential for the cooperation.
  • To proactively repair items that we become aware of even before a work order is requested.
  • To continue cross-training team members and also utilizing seminars and classes for enhanced vocational training.
  • To implement an effective life cycle equipment replacement schedule for appliances in the residence halls.

For Service Request:

(619) 849-2320

Contact Information:

Ed Lewis
Maintenance Manager
(619) 849-2702