We have developed our mission and strategies in support of the University Mission and Strategic Goals:

To articulate and affirm: Teaching- Shaping- Sending as the central expression of the PLNU experience
To ensure a growing, maturing Christian community
To strengthen relationships with key constituents

Vision Statement

To exemplify Christian values and stewardship while supporting university operations and community.

Mission Statement

Operate, maintain, develop, and build functional and aesthetically pleasing facilities for the university. Provide a safe and environmentally sensitive learning environment conducive to study, teaching, and community development. Promote and build teamwork across functional areas within the Physical Plant and our constituents. Provide courteous, efficient, and fiscally responsible support for students, faculty, and staff. Exemplify integrity and compassionate stewardship between student and staff workers.

Strategic Goals

  • Maintain facilities at fully functional and environmentally safe levels
  • Institute a comprehensive, preventive maintenance program for heating, plumbing, ventilating, and air conditioning systems
  • Ensure that new and existing electrical systems are installed and updated to acceptable quality standards
  • Train cross-functional teams to provide necessary custodial care to maintain buildings at acceptable cleanliness standards
  • Implement regular Life Safety Systems inspections across all areas of campus
  • Standardize and organize all regulatory compliance guidelines across all functional areas
  • Improve methods and Techniques
  • Continue to refine data management processes to achieve optimum reporting and forecasting capabilities for budgets and maintenance operations
  • Ensure that facility component design specifications are standardized during construction or repair replacement
  • Evaluate and implement latest practical and available technologies to improve energy efficiencies, savings and management
  • Refine recycling program to make it comprehensive affecting the entire campus
  • Promote strong community relationships through team building
  • Develop stakeholder relationships for construction team development to ensure practical design conformance within budgetary constraints
  • Build cross-functional, self-directed Physical Plant project teams for project development and implementation
  • Cultivate student staff relationships through staff led maintenance and construction project teams
  • Cultivate the relationship between the Horticulture/Grounds and Biology Departments for California native plant projects, programs and identification
  • Support campus activities
  • Continue to coordinate event setup and clean up support services for all major university events including NSO, Homecoming and Commencement
  • Assist ASB, providing setup and logistical support for their events
  • Coordinate support activities between Conference Services and the Physical Plant crews during the summer projects and conference schedule
  • Provide support for Alumni events as needed