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There are many opportunities for students to become involved in clubs and societies at PLNU. PLNU and the ASB Board of Directors encourage you to participate in various clubs. Check out a full list of all the clubs and societies below and contact the president listed for more information on their specific club. If you are interested in starting a club, please email the ASB Director of Student Relations at Additionally, stop by their office on the third floor of Nicholson Commons. 

Below is an updated table with the name of the club, the leader, and their contact info! Below are descriptions of some of the current or past clubs. For the most recent information please rely on the table. 

Association Institute Graphic ArtsBrooke
Association of Latin American StudentsJosue
Asian Student UnionGregory
Black Student UnionKaleah
FRENCH CLUBCodie Saudenmaier, Kate
Launch PointAustin
PLNU Film ClubJordan
Point Loma Opera TheaterDerek
PSI CHIMichelle
Student California Teacher's AssociationMegan
Students for Environmental Action and AwarenessJoseph Patrick
Student Nursing Association Point LomaCarissa

Here's the full list of all the Clubs & Societies you can participate in at PLNU!

  • ALAS (Association of Latin American Students) - ALAS is a club design to provide a place for students, from Latin background, where they can express and share their Latin Culture together. However, we are an all inclusive club, meaning that our participants do not need to be Latin to join the club. It is also a club design to raise cultural awareness in our community, PLNU by hosting cultural events such as Carnaval Latino, Salsa Dancing, among other activities that expand on the Latin Culture. Club President: Ronald Guerra ( Club Vice Presidents: Claudia Torres ( and Josue Tiguila (
  • ASU (Asian Student Union) - ASU is all about cultural diversity. It's about hanging out and having a good time. Our underlying goal is to have fun through the exposure of various Asian and Pacific cultures to the students around the PLNU community. Club President: Dominic Phan ( Club Vice President: Greg Lew (
  • BSU (Black Student Union) - The Black Student Union is a club for anyone and everyone.  We emphasize becoming a family, service to our community and education about our culture.  We have a great time, stay very active and welcome all! Club President: Lorren Comeaux ( Club Vice President: Ebanezare Tadele (
  • Cheer Squad - The Cheer team brings spirit and energy to the campus by performing during basketball games and other events. We not only promote physical activity, but involvement with our campus as well. It is a great way for guys and girls to meet new people create new relationships! More information HERE. Club President: Alexandra Steele (
  • College Democrats - PLNU's College Democrats club is an official chapter of the National College Democrats. College Democrats participate in community service efforts, volunteer work, and awareness, and hope to engage students in thinking deeply about real issues that affect millions of Americans. Club President: Reiss Williams (
  • College Republicans - College Republicans is an on-campus club that exists to provide a context for politically like-minded Republicans from all walks of life to convene and enjoy each other’s company, as well as to provide a safe environment in which students might engage in political discussion.  We are a welcoming group of friends who invite any and all to join us for our regular game and discussion nights, typically held on the first Tuesday of each month.  Email us at ( to join our mailing list for announcements. Club President: Rob Contreras ( Club Vice President: Kris Ashton (
  • Delta Alpha Pi - Delta Alpha Pi is an International Honor Society that presents an opportunity to change the perception of the stereotype associated with a physical or learning disability. Delta Alpha Pi recognizes those who are full time students that have either a physical or mental/learning disability and have at least a 3.10 GPA. Along with honoring students for there accomplishments, DAP is involved both on campus and in the community raising awareness and supporting those with disabilities. Club President: Angelica Diez de Leon ( Club Vice President: Kristen Houp (
  • eSportsThe Point Loma Nazarene University TeSPA eSports club exists to provide an opportunity for the gaming population of the student body to meet together to discuss, enjoy, and play the games they love together. We hope to overcome the stigma associated with online and competitive gaming that it is not an antisocial activity, but rather a strong and valuable community. We are accepting of all who want to bring their game to the group. Additionally, we acknowledge the gaming and online community is not always a Godly place, and represents to us a great opportunity for ministry. Club President: Josh Lam ( Club Vice President: Alex Minoofar (
  • Herpetological Society - The PLNU Herpetological Society's mission is to educate and inform others about the many conservation issues facing reptiles and amphibians around the globe. We organize field trips, guest speakers, and community outreach events in order to help people experience and appreciate the field of herpetology. Membership is open to students from all disciplines; no experience required. Club President: Jose Hurtado ( Club Vice President: Taylor Shelpuk (
  • Hui O' Hawaii - Hui O’Hawaii is all about the Aloha Spirit and sharing with each other, friends, and ultimately to the community. Our goal is to create a ‘home away from home’ for all students, establishing a family here in Point Loma Nazarene University.  We share our unique spirit through fellowship, music, hula dancing, and our exquisite foods. Our most anticipated event is our annual luau that includes various cultural performances from different islands that allows us to share our beautiful culture with others. Club President: Meaghan Zuttermeister ( Club Vice President: Jarret Stinger (
  • International Club - International meets intercultural in the form of PLNU's International Club. San Diego is full of opportunities and places to explore, learn, and grow, so why not expand your intercultural knowledge by eating international cuisine, dancing, and talking to interesting people? International Club invites you to experience all that San Diego has to offer with fun and friends along the way. Club President: Stephanie Renteria ( Club Vice President: Bridget Freeman (
  • Kinesiology Society - The Kinesiology Society works to unite the three majors of the Kinesiology department through missions, recreational, and educational activities. You do not have to be a member of the department to join us, all are welcome! Club President: Emily Sloan ( Club Vice President: Alyssa Bennett (
  • Martial Arts Club - The Martial Arts Club exists to bridge the gap between the Martial Arts and the Christian life.  We strive to support a quality of life that contributes to the happiness of the human race.  Our influences include: Jesus Christ-savior of the world, and Lord of the universe-Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan, Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, Kenpo, Aikido, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Yoga/Pilates/"Yoga-Lates;" and we're always looking to add to the list! Club President: Austin Grant ( Club Vice President: Andrea Mersino (
  • Men's Club Volleyball - The men's volleyball club is a group of Christian student athletes who compete in a high level of competition in the Southern California Collegiate Volleyball League. Starting late in the fall semester, the team practices weekly and begins league play in January. A reasonable club fee is required to cover tournament fees, traveling, and equipment, but fundraising opportunities are available. Club president: Andrew McKellips (
  • Microfinance Club - The Microfinance Club at Point Loma Nazarene University exists to provide both awareness and professional experience in the field of microfinance. We do this through bringing highly regarded speakers to speak with students, providing gateways to internships and research opportunities, and spreading awareness of the the need to help the underprivileged of the world who may live on less than $2 a day. Last but not least, we stand as a center for information on any topic relating to microfinance, and welcome anyone who wants to learn more about the club. Hope to have you as a part of the 2010-2011 Microfinance Club! Club President: Josh Burgner (  Club Vice Presidents: Kelly Klein ( and Rebekah Kurisu (
  • Mu Kappa (Missionary and Third Culture Kids Club) - Mu Kappa is a club for those who have had experiences living in a foreign country. These experiences have shaped us. We create opportunities to celebrate those cultures we have lived in, to help ease the transition of living in the states, and provide students with friends who can understand and share similar memories and growing up years. Club President: Phil Patalano ( Club Vice President: Amy Cyr (
  • Musical Theatre Club - Music theatre club is a place where people are able to see and perform songs from music theatre as well as be able to learn from professionals in the industry. The club produces entirely student run musicals and various variety shows throughout the year. All in all, music theatre club is a place where all lovers of Broadway music are welcome. Club President: Mandie Lira (
  • Phi Alpha Theta (History) - Phi Alpha Theta is a nationally recognized History Honor Society. The Society exists to promote scholarship and to create an atmosphere where intelligent ideas can be exchanged, especially through research. PAT participates in museum trips, research conferences, Colt forums, historical movie nights, and discussion dinners that seek to provide members with exciting and stimulating opportunities to present their research and broaden their knowledge of history. Club President: Clint Betkey (
  • Phi Upsilon Omicron (Consumer Sciences) - Phi Upsilon Omicron is our family and consumer science honors society.  We exist to recognize and promote academic excellence, to enhance leadership qualities, and to encourage lifelong learning.  We grow together in advancing the fields of family and consumer sciences by helping our school and community, and by improving the quality of life for individuals and families. Club President: Madison White (  Club Vice President: Caitlin Brandt (
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science) - Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society, is the honor society for students of government and political science in the United States. The purpose of Pi Sigma Alpha is to stimulate productive scholarship and intelligent interest in the subject of government, public affairs and service, political philosophy, and issues in public policy. Admittance into the PSA Honor Society is based upon a student's grade point average, produced scholarship, and commitment to fulfilling their potential within the field of Political Science. Major events PSA hosts at PLNU include Constitution Day, meetings with policymakers, and trips to industry conventions. Club President: Megan Christensen ( Club Vice President: Austin Flanagan (
  • Point Loma FutbolOur goal is to open the door to a positive and challenging experience in which we can grow into better soccer players, healthy and thoughtful competitors, and friends, all with Christ in mind. We bring people of all different walks of life together through their common love for soccer. Club President: Cody Martinez ( Club Vice President: Daniel Hernandez (
  • Point Loma Opera TheatrePLOT is a group of students dedicated to the promotion, performance, and perfection of opera within its ranks and the community. The goal of PLOT is to promote opera in the community and to provide needed opportunities for developing singers, directors, conductors, and instrumentalists with experience performing timeless music of cultural and historical significance. The purpose and vision of the Point Loma Opera Theatre is to share. We wish to share with the students of Point Loma Nazarene University, and all others interested, opportunities in which they are encouraged to use their gifts and talents relating to the field of opera, whether these gifts lie in management, performing, directing, designing, etc. We wish to share with each other in the challenges and rewards that come through working together to see our dreams realized. Most of all, we strive to share with our community the joy of opera as an art form by putting on quality productions and creating venues for outreach which display the deeply cultural, emotional, and spiritual impacts of opera. Club President: Derek Legg ( Club Vice President: Krista Wilford (
  • Point Loma Pre-Health Student Association (PLPHSA) - A gathering of students with similar career goals of a future in the health field. Our goals are to create an atmosphere of support as pre-health students work towards this goal, to provide opportunities for them to serve in the community, and to facilitate ways in which they can get plugged-in with health professionals. Service to others is an essential aspect of all health careers. We encourage service-minded attitudes and hope to establish a positive, helpful presence in the community. Club President: Paul Thompson (
  • Pointless - Pointless is an all male a capella group with 12-18 members per year. Auditions are held in the fall and toward the end of spring. Club President: Nathan Skelton ( Club Vice President: Austin McKinley (
  • Psi Chi (Psychology) - This is the National Honor Society of Psychology. The purpose of our Point Loma Psi Chi chapter is to both recognize academic excellence in our psychology students and to help foster relationships within our department. We plan and run departmental chapels and sponsor research forums, game nights, community service events, and psychology tennis tournaments. Club President: Katie Carlson ( Club Vice President: Kimberly Griswold (
  • Rugby Club - The Point Loma Rugby Club is designed to provide a fellowship for men and women who enjoy the competitive game of rugby. Rugby is a sport that incorporates a mixture of football, hockey, and soccer. As a Christian organization, we choose to enjoy rugby and spread the word of God simultaneously. The team hosts BBQ’s for all Point Loma students on the beach where we play touch rugby and then have a bonfire for the rest of the night. By doing this we're hoping not only to recruit players and volunteers, but to give freshman another opportunity to get connected into the Point Loma Community. The games are played against other college club teams in both the fall and spring semesters and will be advertised at a later date. We have also implemented a female branch to the club. They play with the team during touch rugby on the beach, and help with community service events, fundraising, and fellowship. Club President: David Barber ( Club Vice President: Jesse Oleson (
  • SAACS (Chemistry) - The Chemistry Society (SAACS) seeks to connect students who are passionate about chemistry and provide them with opportunities to explore how chemistry affects their lives.  The club provides opportunities to serve the local community by working with elementary, middle, and high schools performing labs, demonstrations, and lectures. The club also seeks to educate its members on how to pursue careers and further education in the field as well as provide opportunities to learn about the current breakthroughs in science. Club President: Soni Kay ( Club Vice President: Ryan Robinson (
  • Schools for Schools - The Invisible Children Club - Schools for Schools is committed to spreading awareness of the atrocities occurring in central Africa and raising funds to support Sacred Heart Secondary School in Northern Uganda.  To accomplish these goals, the club plans a variety of fund raising events including: benefit concerts, documentary screenings, dodge ball tournaments, and comedy shows.  The club meets Wednesday nights at 7pm in the piano lounge. Club President: Jacklyn Monique Gonzalez ( Club Vice Presidents: Kai Pedersen ( and Rebekah Jazdzewski (
  • SCTA (Student California Teachers Association) - The SCTA is a club focused on the education profession and its wonderful opportunities.  We seek to serve the community of Point Loma, as well as our very own campus, through several exciting projects. Club President: Melissa Macrunnel ( Club Vice President: Victoria Smith (
  • SEAA (Students for Environmental Action and Awareness) - Students for Environmental Action and Awareness (SEA Club) promotes awareness of environmental issues and motivates the campus to care for creation.  Participating in community service and conservation biology surveys play major roles in the club, and in September of 2009, SEA founded the community garden on campus.  Join us as we work to protect and care for creation! Club President: Kirsten Hibbard ( Club Vice President: Molly Guldin (
  • SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) - The PLNU Students in Free Enterprise team is dedicated to utilizing skills learned in the Fermanian Business School’s classrooms to give back to high school students from low income areas in San Diego County in partnership with Junior Achievement. The consultants adhere to the JA Company program to mentor their students through the process of creating and running a successful business. Club President: Austin Donovan ( Club Vice President: Larisa Wagner (
  • SNAPL (Nursing) - Student Nurses Association Point Loma (SNAPL) is a local chapter of California Student Nurses Association (CSNA). The values of CSNA are leadership, education, activism, professionalism, and stewardship. The goal of SNAPL is to provide a community of support academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually while promoting excellence and professionalism at PLNU and in the community through events and outreach projects. Club President: Cassie Barron ( Club Vice President: Emily Griffin (
  • Student Dietetic Association (SDA) - SDA is a club for dietetic and nutrition students that is associated with the Family and Consumer Science Department. It is a great way to gain experience and knowledge within the field. We have monthly meetings in addition to social outings, on campus activities, networking opportunities, as well as volunteer opportunities. It is a fun way to gain knowledge and get to know other students within the major. Club President: Katelyn Mazza ( Club Vice President: Emily Strannigan (
  • Surf Club - The Surf Team/Club exists to promote the enjoyment of the ocean and, more specifically, the waves that it creates for us to ride. As a club we try to represent ourselves as ambassadors of the ocean and, even greater, Jesus Christ by serving in beach clean ups, attending and promoting local surf events, and creating our own activities of fun and fellowship centered around surfing. As a team we compete in the National Scholastic Surfing Association's Collegiate Division in which shortboarders and longboarders, males and females compete for the ultimate goal of a National Championship. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us in anything that we do! Club President: Bryce John ( Club Vice President: Kai Pattison (
  • Toastmasters - Toastmasters is a public speaking club, with opportunities for membership with the organization Toastmasters International. As a group, we focus on improving our public speaking abilities in order to communicate more effectively in the classroom, with friends, during interviews, and in future careers. We welcome students in all stages of public speaking and from all majors. There is never anyone too good or too bad at public speaking to join this club. Club President: Caroline Campbell ( Club Vice President: Francis Chavez (
  • Tri Beta (Biology) - Tri-Beta is a national society for students dedicated to biological study and extending the boundaries of human knowledge through science. Point Loma's chapter of Tri-Beta is committed to supporting our students, sponsoring lectures, organizing social ventures, and serving our community. Club President: Mary Ella Wood ( Club Vice President: Paul Thompson (
  • VIP (Voices In Praise) Gospel Choir - Voices in Praise Gospel Choir is a student club that meets weekly in the spirit and truth of honest and authentic worship, praise and prayer. VIP practices song selections in these meetings to bring the people of God into the presence of God as they travel to different congregations and venues throughout the semester. The Gospel Choir, as a family, exists to glorify God through vital community and extravagant worship that calls all to the King of kings! Club President: Braden Haycock ( Club Vice President: Hannah Andrade (
  • Women's Club Volleyball - Women’s Club Volleyball gives women the opportunity to play competitive volleyball. It is a great opportunity to get involved at the school and creates new relationships. It was created to reach out to those girls not involved with intercollegiate volleyball to continue playing the sport that they love and bonding with girls who have similar interests. Club President: Kristi Kelso (

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