Shelby Martin

Shelby Martin (09) works for DreamWorks Animation in its show development department.

Shelby started at DreamWorks with a four-month, full-time internship. When faced with the end of her intern days, DreamWorks told Shelby that there weren't any full-time positions available.

"This was really hard for me to hear," Shelby said. "I absolutely loved the company and enjoyed being there for my internship. So it came to a point for me where I just decided I wasn't going to settle for 'no' and was determined to stay with DreamWorks."

Though the doors seemed to be closed, Shelby found, or rather created, a window. Her determination led her to pitch the idea for the creation of a job within the show development department. After traveling from a director to a producer then to two supervisors and finally to the co-president, Shelby's proposal landed her the newly created title of production assistant.

"I ended the internship on Dec. 11 and started that Monday on Dec. 14. When this happened, I honestly couldn't believe it! To me, this was an early Christmas gift that I felt so blessed to have received."

Shelby notes the best part of her job is the people: "They are willing to teach and guide you and really show you the ropes of DreamWorks...We are all sort of like one big family at DreamWorks with one thing in common: the love of animation films."

In the future, Shelby hopes to land her dream job as a producer with DreamWorks.