Transcripts and Diplomas

Official Transcripts

If you would like an official transcript, please choose from one of the options listed below:

  1. Fill out the Official Transcript Request form 
  2. Submit the form in one of the following ways:
    • Scan and email (preferred and quickest method)
    • Fax to (619) 849-2508
    • Mail to Point Loma Nazarene University, ATTN: Records Office, 3900 Lomaland Dr., San Diego, CA 92106
    • Stop by the Office of Records to fill out and submit a form

Official transcripts cost $5 per address (a maximum of five per address), require a written signature, and are processed at no charge within 10 business days. Transcripts for years previous to 1980 may take longer than 14 business days to process, as records are archived.

Note: If you have a financial or student development hold preventing the release of your transcripts, you will be notified and you must then resolve the hold with the appropriate office before transcripts will be released. If the hold is not resolved within 90 days of receipt of the request, a new request for transcripts must be submitted.

Unofficial Transcripts

If you would like an unofficial transcript, please choose from one of the four options listed below:

Previous Students

  1. Fill out the Unofficial Transcript Request form
  2. Submit the form in one of the following ways:
    • Scan and email (preferred and quickest method).
    • Fax to (619) 849-2508
    • Mail to the Office of Records, PLNU, 3900 Lomaland Dr., San Diego, CA 92106
    • Stop by the Office of Records to fill out and submit a form

Current Students

Currently enrolled students can use to print an unofficial transcript.


Policies for Diplomas

  • Each student who completes all university graduation and degree requirements receives one official diploma per degree earned.
  • Diplomas reflect the student’s official name in the university database as it was while attending PLNU.
  • Students who wish to change their official name and have this change reflected on their diploma must submit a Change of Name form prior to the completion of all degree requirements and their degree being posted. Under no exception will diplomas be re-ordered to accommodate name changes.
  • Diplomas are ordered in batches after all grades have been received and your degree has been posted.  
  • Diplomas are ordered after every quad, semester, and summer session.
  • Once a diploma order is submitted, it takes approximately 8 – 10 weeks to be mailed from the university or available for pickup in the records office on the main campus.
  • Diplomas are mailed via regular mail, without delivery confirmation or signature required, and sent to the address provided by the student on the Diploma Mailing Request (DMR).
  • Diplomas will not be released unless we have a hand-signed DMR on file for you, and your student account balance is paid in full. Check your balance on your student portal or by calling Student Financial Services at (619) 849-2538.  
  • DMRs are provided at Commencement, available at the link above, or available in the Office of Records on the main campus.
  • Please scan and email, fax, or mail the form to the records office using the contact information on the DMR form.
  • Students who request to pick up their diploma instead of having it mailed will pick it up in the Office of Records (located on the university’s main campus) and must provide a government-issued, photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, military ID, passport).
  • Diplomas requested to be picked up will not be released to anyone other than the student.
  • Please call the Office of Records at (619) 849-2289 prior to pickup to ensure your diploma is available.
  • Once diplomas are mailed from our office to the address specified on the DMR form, the university is not responsible for mailing time or receipt of the diploma.
  • Please ensure you have filled out your DMR correctly or have submitted an updated form prior to your degree posting if your address has changed. 

If your question was not answered above or you need further assistance, please contact us at (619) 849-2289 or

Replica Diplomas

Graduates of PLNU receive only one official diploma, but we understand  sometimes important documents can be misplaced, lost, or damaged. For these unfortunate situations, we offer a replica diploma.
A replica diploma certifies, under the PLNU name and with the signature of current Board of Trustee officers and administrators, that the individual graduated from the institution. For alumni who graduated prior to the university name change, the name of the original institution granting the degree will be specified in the text on the replica diploma (e.g., “originally conferred by Pasadena College”).

Policies for Replica Diplomas

  • Only one official diploma is issued per degree earned at Pasadena College/Point Loma College/Point Loma Nazarene College/PLNU,  so this is only a replica and not a replacement diploma.
  • The charge for a replica diploma is $45. This amount covers the production of the replica and standard mailing costs within the U.S. For international mailing, please contact the records office regarding pricing (
  • Replica diplomas are processed and mailed within four to six weeks. If you require a rush order (processed in 10 – 15 business days), there is an additional fee of $25, which does not include express/overnight mailing. The rush option is not available for diplomas earned prior to 1980.
  • The name printed on the replica will be the official name under which you attended and is stored in the institutional database. If you wish to use another name, please submit a Change of Name form to the records office prior to ordering your replica diploma.
  • All requests for a replica diploma must be submitted by the graduate through the alumni portal.
    • Log in to the PLNU student/alumni portal.
    • Click on the “Alumni” tab in the upper left-hand corner.
    • Click on the “Request One Here” link, which can be found under the section, "Welcome to the Alumni Page.”

Don’t have an alumni portal account set up yet? You can view the Account Creation Steps.

If your question was not answered above or you need further assistance, please contact us at (619) 849-2289 or


To request a notarization of your diploma or official transcripts, please follow the steps below. There is a minimum turnaround of five business days for notarizations once all documents are received and payment is made, so please plan accordingly.

Diploma Notarization

Submit the original diploma to the records office along with a written request for notarization.

Official Transcript Notarization

Request official transcripts and submit a written request for notarization. Please note you will need to include processing time for official transcripts as noted on the transcript request page, in addition to the processing time for notarization.

What to Include in Your Request for Notarization:

  1. A statement that you are requesting notarization of your diploma and/or official transcript
  2. The purpose for the notarization (e.g., for a work visa)
  3. The address to which the notarized document(s) should be mailed
  4. Payment of $10 per document to be notarized. Payment can be by credit card at, or by submitting cash or a cashier’s check. Payment will be verified prior to notarization of the document.

Mail all documents to:

Point Loma Nazarene University
ATTN: Office of Records
3900 Lomaland Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106

If you would like the document to be sent express or by overnight mail, there is an additional cost to cover the mailing expenses. Please contact us at (619) 849-2289 or to determine the exact cost.

Please be aware that a notarized diploma or transcript will have the notarization stapled to it.


If you need an apostille, follow the state of California instructions for obtaining it, as it is a government-issued document.