Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) respects the intellectual property rights of others and makes every attempt to uphold all copyright laws.

PLNU does not tolerate the willful violation of copyright laws by any Staff, Faculty, Student, or affiliate of PLNU. Violation of copyright laws may result in disciplinary action for employees and students of PLNU and, where such violations are a crime under federal law, may be prosecuted.

All parties submitting material on PLNU premises, property, virtual property, official PLNU website, internal portal, third party portals contracted with PLNU (such as iTunes U), and published material, also known collectively as PLNU venues, are required to comply with all copyright laws.

Individuals uploading or acquiring material posted or authenticated on PLNU venues agree to hold PLNU harmless for any errors created to indemnify PLNU for any damages that result from the acquisition of said material. Material or content in third party web pages linked to official PLNU web pages are not under the control of PLNU and therefore are not governed by PLNU’s copyright policies. PLNU is not responsible for content and material on third party web pages.

The intent of this copyright policy is to provide PLNU staff, faculty, students, and affiliates of PLNU basic information regarding copyright compliance and PLNU’s position relative to copyright laws.

Please refer questions about copyright laws and related issues to Frank Quinn, Director of Ryan Library at FrankQuinn@pointloma.edu