Coronavirus Information for the PLNU Community

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Our Plan for Fall 2020: Authentically Loma

Our Commitment to You: While many things may change, the important things will not.

As of Tuesday, July 28, PLNU has determined to commence with remote instruction for the fall 2020 semester. Although we previously announced a face-to-face start — and that was our sincere hope and preference for this fall — it is our understanding that higher education institutions in California will not be allowed to move beyond a virtual modality until the state moves into Stage 3 of recovery. The most up-to-date direction from Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as the County of San Diego, makes clear that all public and private colleges and universities, just as public school districts, need to continue classes online.


As an institution that prides itself on fostering community, connection, and relationship, this change in plans is deeply disappointing. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will be able to continue providing the full, holistic PLNU experience you’ve come to expect.

Our students’ academic progress is as important now as ever. That’s why we’re combining what we’ve learned from the spring 2020 semester, as well as the careful planning and creativity of faculty and staff, to continue providing an education focused on academic, personal, and spiritual growth.

With your continued input, we will continue to learn and perform even better until we can come back to campus together as soon and as safely as possible. In the meantime, we will continue to provide the most up-to-date information below. Thank you for your understanding, feedback, and prayer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will virtual instruction look like?

Within virtual instruction and learning, the only things that will change regarding the academic experience are the different blended modalities that engage students with content. Faculty will still actively engage students in the classroom (through new smart classroom technology) and within online Canvas courses (which face-to-face classes are normally built within). 

In some cases, students will need to complete some online work in advance of the face-to-face/synchronous class sessions so they can follow the professor’s teaching or productively engage in the classroom discussions — this work ahead of class and often submitted online also happens in the face-to-face environment. Quizzes and tests may be given online using the Honorlock proctoring software or assessments of student learning may be accomplished through other papers or assignments.

Remote learning provides an opportunity for faculty and students to remain engaged with one another while working through the content of their classes across different locations and time zones. Many of the same classroom strategies used in a face-to-face environment can translate well to the virtual classroom. This includes live lectures, discussions, group work, testing, and Q&A.

Read more about our specific changes and plans regarding virtual instruction and learning.

Learn more about what the remote learning experience will look like this fall for the following programs:

Will traditional undergraduate students receive a tuition reduction in the case of virtual instruction? How much?

We want to do what is within our power to help you make it here. That’s why we decided that, in the event that PLNU moved to virtual instruction:

  • We will activate a 10% reduced net tuition for traditional undergraduate students for the fall semester.
  • If your room and board has been charged, it will now be refunded.
  • Additionally, if a student is enrolled full time in both fall and spring, they will receive one free Spring Mini-Term course in either January or February 2021 (a $1,500 value).

On average, this will be a 20-25% reduction in tuition, room, and board, depending on the net bill and financial aid package.

Those who have already paid bills of tuition will be refunded 10% reduced net tuition for traditional undergraduate students on previous bills.

Can students with special circumstances still apply for housing on campus?

We will accommodate as many students in on-campus housing as possible, given our limitations by county and state guidelines. If you need a housing exemption, please email for more information.

  • We will give priority to students with insecure housing situations.
  • We will give priority to international students who are currently in the U.S. without off-campus housing options.
    • ICE states that a new international student cannot be enrolled entirely online; it must be hybrid or face-to-face.  
  • We will give priority to non-San Diego-based students in programs requiring a presence in the area:
    • Sophomore, junior, and senior-level nursing students
    • EMT students
    • Pre-med students It was previously noted that pre-med students would be included in these exemptions. This is not longer the case. We received further guidance on lab requirements while we also built the capacity and ability to move all of these lab courses online.

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