Au Sable Welcomes PLNU as a Sustaining Partner

Au Sable

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Mike Mooring, Professor of Biology and Au Sable Faculty Representative at Point Loma, PLNU students have gone from being an occasional presence in Au Sable’s college classes to one of the largest single-school constituencies of the Institute. With this growth in enrollment, Au Sable Executive Director Dr. Fred Van Dyke noted, “A Sustaining Partnership between Point Loma and Au Sable at this point makes perfect sense. With the benefit of a Partner Grant of a $500 reduction in tuition in every course taken by every Point Loma student at Au Sable, the Partner Grants alone will provide thousands of dollars of aid that will make Au Sable a more accessible and more affordable experience for PLNU students every year, and strengthen an already great environmental and biological science program at Point Loma.”  View more here: Au Sable Institute News Release