PLNU Mass-Media Communications Outlets

Andie Adams Broadcasting on Point Radio

Gain hands-on mass communication experience with our on-campus media outlets, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience what it's like to be in front of the camera, behind the microphone, and at the helm of a fully equipped television studio.

Point TV

Point TV is a great way to get experience working in front of or behind the camera. This includes writing, producing, directing, shooting, and editing short films, news and interview programs, documentaries, commercials, sports broadcasts, reality shows, and short drama and comedy television programs. Unlike other university programs, Point TV allows you to start using the equipment, technology, and tools used by industry professionals right away. The studio has also produced award-winning student films and television shows that have been screened all over the country.

With so many opportunities for hands-on learning, you’ll have the chance to discover and cultivate the skills and passion that could lead you to a fun and fulfilling career path.

Watch the latest broadcasts and keep up with our student productions on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

A group of Media Comm students work behind the scenes production in the PointTV studio
Students get hands-on production experience in the Point TV studio.
A male student sets up a camera and screen for the anchors to use during a Point TV recording.
Students work on the set of PLNU's Point TV.
Point TV interviews a student on campus.
Point TV interviews a student on camera on PLNU's campus.
Two female students tv hosts smile as the camera begins recording.
Learn tricks and tips on giving a news report by being an anchor on the Coastline News & Loma Sports Tonight.
A media communication class poses for a photo in front of Paramount Studios during a class trip.
Take a class trip to Paramount Studios and other interesting locations!
A student films a live broadcast of a men's basketball game.
Play a key role in broadcasting live PLNU events.
A close up photo of a student pressing buttons on a sound board in the production studio.
Discover the areas of production that best suit you.
A female and male student broadcasters take in a basketball game.
Become the voice of PLNU athletics!
A student uses a camera to film for Point TV.
A media student works behind the camera.
A student interviews a guest during a live broadcast of Point TV.
A live broadcast of a Point TV interview.
Students pose for a selfie prior to a Point TV production.
Students pose for a selfie prior to a Point TV production.
A student writes down notes in the production studio of Point TV.
A student writes down notes in the production studio of Point TV.
Student videographers broadcast a live stream of a PLNU basketball game from the top of the arena.
Be the eye behind the camera during live sports broadcasts.
A group of students do a rehearsal for a Point TV broadcast within the production studio.
Preparing for a Coastline News & Loma Sports Tonight broadcast.

On-Campus Production Opportunities


Point Radio — The Voice of Point Loma

Point Radio is PLNU's on-campus, student-run radio station. In addition to learning about radio programming and audio production, you can also be a part of the station team as a sports, news, music, or even promotions director. Virtually any student on campus can create and host their own radio show, and you can listen to student programs nearly every weeknight. The station runs 24 hours a day for you to tune in and listen anytime, day or night.

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