Poetry on Point (ONLINE) 2020

Poetry on Point image

Join us for a celebration of poetry at PLNU, featuring works by current and retired faculty and staff from across disciplines.

This year's event will be held online, with prerecorded poems from the following:

  • Carol Blessing, Professor Emeritus of Literature & Women's Studies
  • Rebecca Flietstra, Professor of Biology
  • Nillie Graf, Department Assistant, Office of the Dean
  • Kay Harkins, Retired Associate Professor of Writing & Literature
  • Breeann Kyte Kirby, Assistant Professor of Writing
  • Michael Lodahl, Professor of Theology & World Religions
  • Robbie Maakestad, Assistant Professor of Writing
  • Katie Manning, Professor of Writing
  • Eddie Matthews, Adjunct Professor of Literature & Writing
  • Margarita Pintado Burgos, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Ashley Reynolds-Montaño, Department Assistant, Dept. of LJWL
  • Bettina Tate Pedersen, Professor of Literature

This event is online here: ljwladvising.com/poetry-on-point.

For more information about this event, contact Ashley Montano (amontano@pointloma.edu) or Katie Manning (katiemanning@pointloma.edu).