Bernard Johnson, M.S.Ed.

Instructional Designer
Course Developer
Adjunct Professor, Child Development

I am a Multi-Media Technologies expert and veteran Combat Systems engineer with extensive leadership and technical training excellence. I devoted 20 years of honorable service to the United States Navy and been awarded multiple distinguished career awards to include 11 naval Achievement and Commendation medals. My unprecedented passion for optimizing evaluative and quantitative learning techniques for successful learning inspired acquisition of a Master of Science in Education and Technology to include a graduate level specialization in E-Teaching and Learning. I also teach online learning and provide training for Recording Arts industries while creating content for regionally accredited universities. My contributions have attributed to over 2,357 hours of classroom instruction and training of more than 1,198 personnel. Additionally, I am employed at Point Loma Nazarene University as an Instructional Designer and Course Developer. I develop courses and write curriculum for several programs to include Doctorate of Nursing and various graduate and undergraduate studies. Over the last 20 years, I have directed and chaired orientation/sponsorship programs for various groups and organizations and for 9 years was principal advisor on career policies and programs. I provided more than 810 hours of interviews, counseling, and career development boards for diverse personnel. My efforts contributed to two successive Honor Roll Gold Awards for exceptional career services performed for organization-wide retention. Additionally, I've presided on countless multi-level job interview committees and screened unaccountable resumes, training, transcripts, for individual career progressions. My excitement and passion to see people succeed is infectious coupled with extensive attention to detail. I love to travel and had the opportunity to visit almost every continent in the world. I am a Golden Shellback (crossed Equator over 5x) and a Blue Nose (reached the most Northern point of the Arctic). My goal is to see all the Seven Wonders of the World; I have had the privilege to see three so far. I enjoy music production, recording, and video post-production. Prior to my Graduate degree, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production. I am currently an owner of a commercial audio production facility in San Diego County and have been blessed to work with American Idol and other noteworthy entities. My wonderful family consists of my loving wife, one teenage boy and girl, and a charming nine-year-old daughter. Faith Statement: I witnessed an astounding number of people in need of encouragement, spiritual endurance and strength during my travels around the world. I leveraged the opportunity in these various countries and provided what the Lord commanded me to share. I attend the Rock Church San Diego where I have been active in various ministries since 2007. I strive to work as a messenger for the Lord for the salvation of people and offer opportunities that will enhance their growth spiritually and morally.