Nicole Cosby, Ph.D., ATC

Athletic Training Program Director
Professor of Kinesiology and Athletic Training

Dr. Nicole Cosby has expertise in pathology to the lower extremity and manual therapy techniques that can be used to improve range of motion in restricted joints within the foot and ankle. She also serves as the program director for the Athletic Training Program.


  • Ph.D., Sports Medicine, University of Virginia
  • M.A., Kinesiology, San Jose State University
  • B.A., Athletic Training, Point Loma Nazarene University

Courses Taught

  • Risk Management and Emergency Response 
  • Lower Extremity Injury and Evaluation
  • Therapeutic Modalities 
  • Clinical Preceptorship 
  • Introduction to Athletic Training
  • Evidence Based Practice & Decision Making In Kinesiology 
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Capstone 
  • Thesis 

Experience in Field

  • Using manual therapy techniques to improve range of motion at the ankle joint in acute ankle sprain patients
  • Evidence-based medicine and patient self-reported function following manual therapy intervention
  • Pathology to the lower extremity

Dissertations, Presentations, and Publications

  • Croy T, Cosby NL, Hertel J. (2013). Active Ankle Motion May Result in Changes to the Talofibular Interval in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability and Ankle Sprain Copers: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy. 21(3):127-133.
  • Sims J. Cosby NL, Hertel J, Saliba S. (2013). The Effect of Wii Fit® and Traditional Rehabilitation on Static and Dynamic Measures of Postural Control in Patients with Non-Acute Lower Extremity Injuries. Journal of Athletic Training. 48(3):314-325.
  • Cosby NL, Hertel J. (2011). Relationships Between Measures of Dorsiflexion Range of Motion and Posterior Talar Glide in Healthy Individuals. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 3(2): 76-85.
  • Cosby NL, Hertel J. (2011). Clinical Assessment of Ankle Injury Outcomes: Case Scenario Using the Foot and Ankle Ability Measures. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 20(1): 89-99.
  • Cosby NL, Grindstaff TL, Parente W Hertel J. (2011). Effects of Anterior to Posterior Talocrural Joint Mobilizations in Individuals with Acute Lateral Ankle Sprains. Journal of Manual Manipulation Therapy. (8):76-83.
  • Ott B, Cosby NL, Grindstaff TL, Hart JM. (2011). Hip and Knee Muscle Function Following Aerobic Exercise in Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. (21):631–637.
  • Cosby NL, Chinn L. (2011). Assessment of Dorsiflexion Range of Motion Using Two Clinical Weight Bearing Measures. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care.
  • Cosby NL, Grindstaff TL. Dorsiflexion Range of Motion Self-Mobilization. The Strength and Conditioning Journal.