Rachel Rose, M.A.

Adjunct Professor, Child Development

Rachel Rose, an accomplished lecturer, business owner, consultant and counselor, has dedicated the last 22 years of her career to working with and advocating for families and children. Utilizing her Bachelor in Family Social Science with an emphasis in Clinical and Social Skills with Youth and a Masters in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, Rose skillfully interspersed her academic knowledge with real-world experience, establishing an impressive resume of accomplishments and skillsets.  Seeking to further hone an expertise in cross-cultural counseling and system dynamics, she expanded her education internationally, studying the cultural differences in families and child development at the University de Amsterdam.

With a Masters in Counseling and a heart for people, Rose provided therapy for families, couples and children of all ages. Rose created hundreds of individualized parenting plans designed to increase communication between family members, elicit better cooperation from rebellious children and improve the flow of everyday life. The State of California quickly recognized her expertise and appointing her to an elite team of counselors assigned to provide Crisis Incident Stress Debriefing to high schools after mass shootings.  Rose traveled the Northern California Coast counseling high school staff and students regarding teenage behavior, school violence and safety.

As a life-long learner, Rose values dialogue and critical thinking, extrapolating recent case studies and anomalies from her employment outside of academia to entice curiosity within her classroom.  

Statement of Faith:

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and a component of the simple yet complex Trinity of the only one true God. I have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and am continually renewed by the Holy Spirit on life’s ongoing journey of surrendering my will to the will of the Father.  I believe in eternal life with the Lord in Heaven that was bought through the Son of God dying for my sins. These truths were given to us from the Word of God which is found in the Bible.

My Christian faith is strengthened daily as I maintain an active personal relationship with Christ through unceasing prayer, studying my Bible, and remembering that I am a Child of God made in His image.  I strive to do His will and am fortunate enough to frequently receive miracles or become aware of how I am being used for His greater good.

I have been a member of the Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church for the last 15 years.  I am thrilled to incorporate my faith and God’s truths into the study of child and human development.

Professional and Community Involvement

In the early 2000’s, Rose ascended into management for a foreign exchange company after demonstrating her exceptional application of systems theory to resolve family, cultural and academic conflicts for teenagers across the globe placed in all regions of the United States. Based out of the international headquarters in San Diego, Rose skillfully directed Pacific Intercultural Exchange’s counseling department, masterfully creating effective yet sensitive solutions to the cultural differences faced when integrating a teenage foreign exchange student into a new ecological system.

For the most recent twelve years, Rose has focused her efforts on teaching parent education and child development at San Diego Continuing Education.  As an Associate Professor, she instructs human development courses in Family Communication, Anger Management, Newborn to 12 month Development, Twelve to 23 month Development, Outdoor Classroom: 3-5 Year old, and Infant Development with an emphasis on Baby Sign Language.  Rose received her California Online Teaching Certification in 2013 and has been instructing hybrid and fully-online Career Technical Education courses in Family Home Day Care and Childcare Provider Training ever since.  With connections to San Diego Workforce Partnership and capitalization on labor market index data, Rose additionally champions and facilitates a learning lab to increase employment opportunities for students, maximizing learning potential regarding creating preschool curriculum, establishing discipline/classroom management, managing parenting styles, and addressing marital/professional satisfaction, stress management and family wellness. 

Rose legislatively advocates at the community and state levels, serving on the San Diego and Imperial Counties Super Region Consortium comprised of representatives from all K-12 adult schools and community colleges in the Southern California Region. Rose’s innovative contributions to both Assembly Bill 86 (Planning Grant) and Assembly Bill 104 (Adult Education Block Grant) led to her appointment on a four-member San Diego Adult Education Regional Consortium Board charged with funneling millions in state appropriations through adult services across San Diego.

Rose’s expertise in cross-cultural counseling and curriculum development led to a consulting agreement with a Shanghai business in 2012. Rose strategically created early child development curriculum that supports cultural values while breaking the current Chinese educational mold that limits the child’s creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.  As a dynamic speaker with cutting-edge material, she was flown within the Shandong Province to counsel Chinese families, promote her groundbreaking curriculum and bring an integrated concept of parent education and academic excellence to multiple cities across China.

Due to the high demand for her innovative solutions to personal, familial, professional and spiritual challenges, Rose began her own consulting company, ReSummit Solutions, in 2017.  With expertise in counseling, systems theory, infant through teenage development and career education, Rose additionally felt called to share her knowledge with the Point Loma Nazarene University Degree Completion Program.

Whether organizing and facilitating teenager self-esteem and anger-management groups for the Child, Family and Community Project or managing the drama, dance and art programs for children ages 2-12 as the Arts Director for Onafhankelijk Cultreel Centrum In-It, Rose has utilized her extensive education and experience to create a comprehensive wellness package for the families in her care.  In the span of 22 years, she positively impacted the lives of more than a thousand families.  Rose feels blessed to join forces with Point Loma Nazarene University to train the next generation of professionals to support healthy human development