Kinesiology Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistant Positions

The M.S. Kinesiology program (MS-KIN) is seeking highly motivated students for various graduate assistant (GA) and teaching assistant (TA) positions listed below. Compensation for these positions is based on experience, work hours, and hourly rates. The positions range from 5-20 hours per week at a benefit comparable to 25% - 50% of tuition.  

Note: to be considered for these positions, applicants must complete an Application for the M.S. Kinesiology program. Applicants will indicate which position(s) they want to be considered for on the application:

  • Division II Sport Performance Coach at PLNU - Assistant PLNU Strength and Conditioning Coaches with the testing and training of PLNU athletes. Candidates should have current CSCS certification by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or be a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).
  • Human Performance Laboratory Supervisor - Manage and supervise a human performance center, which includes facility oversight and individual instruction.  Candidates should have current CSCS certification (NSCA) or be a Certified Personal Trainer. 
  • Human Performance Research Assistant - Assist PLNU faculty and students to oversee various laboratory sessions and research.
  • Kinesiology TA - assist with grading, study sessions, lab instruction in general Kinesiology and Athletic Training courses.  Preference given to BOC certified Athletic Trainers. 
  • Exercise Science TA and Laboratory Coordinator. Assist faculty with various exercise science courses and laboratory experiences.  Candidates should have prior experience in an exercise physiology laboratory. 
  • Biomechanics TA and Lab Coordinator - assist with biomechanics labs for students. Candidates should have prior experience with motion capture and analysis.  
  • Sports Marketing and Communications Graduate Assistant with PLNU Athletics (2 Year Position hired every other year; contact program staff for next hiring year)


I’m interested! How do I apply?

All candidates must complete an M.S. Kinesiology program application with Graduate Admissions to express their interest in the positions. Applications also require a resume and 3 professional references (name and info only, letters of recommendation not required).

Who can apply?

Anyone who applies to the MS-KIN (i.e. all concentrations) will be considered if they indicate interest on their application.

After I complete the application what happens?

All candidates that meet eligibility requirements will be interviewed for admission into the MS-KIN program. During or before the candidate’s interview for admission, those who meet specific requirements for the GA & TA positions will be provided a link to apply directly for the position. 

Are students taking 100% online courses eligible to apply?

Yes. All positions are open to all students across MS-KIN concentrations. Students in online programs (i.e. Integrative Wellness and Sport Management) are eligible to apply for any of the positions, but they must be present in San Diego to perform the duties at one of our campuses.

If hired, will this apply directly to my tuition?


No. These positions are paid hourly based on experience and qualifications.  Recipients can choose whether or not to use these funds for tuition. Positions range from 5-20 hours per week at a benefit comparable to 25% - 50% of tuition. All GA’s/ TAs will log their work hours through WorkDay and will be paid bi-weekly.

Do all applicants who indicate interest receive the GA/TA application link(s)?

No, the MS-KIN faculty supervisors will send job application links to candidates who are most qualified for each position during the candidate interview process for MS-KIN program admission. 

What is the general commitment like for these roles?

Unless noted otherwise*, all positions require a commitment for the full academic year (August - June). 

*Some positions are two-year commitments. These positions will also be identified in the job description.

When will applications open and close?

We will begin accepting applications for the GA/TA positions in January and the deadline to apply is April 3rd.