Music Department Scholarships

A pair of hands holding drumsticks hit a snare drum to a beat.

Department-Specific Scholarships

Whether you want to major in music or you just want to study and perform music while pursuing another major, consider auditioning for a music scholarship award! Scholarship auditions are held in wind, string, percussion, piano, and voice.

Please read the instructions below for auditions in your performance area.

Music Scholarship Auditions for students entering PLNU in Fall 2024 are complete.

To audition for Fall 2025, please check back in August 2024 for update audition information.

Transferring to PLNU Music beginning Spring 2025? Please contact the Music Department at 619-849-2445. We may be able to offer you a live audition during the Fall 2024 semester.

Endowed Music Scholarships

In addition to our department-specific scholarships, you should also consider pursuing an endowed music scholarship, made possible through the generosity of our donors.

You can audition for most of these scholarships during your first spring semester. Selected scholarship recipients receive their award the following fall semester. Please read below for specific information about each scholarship and the requirements to qualify.

Willo May Beresford Endowed Scholarship

Established by Dan Beresford to assist talented piano students. Awards are restricted to students majoring in music with piano as the performing area.

Gerald F. Berglund Endowed Music Scholarship

Created by family and friends of music teacher, chorus master, and church music director Gerald Berglund, this award is meant to cultivate Nazarene church musicians and soloists. GPA of 3.00 is required; recipients must be full-time music majors or students from other disciplines showing promise as soloists or choir directors. Auditions at discretion of music faculty.

Kwei Young Shu and Cotten Family Music Endowment Scholarship

Recipient(s) shall be selected by the Department Chair in collaboration with Music Department Faculty. Recipient(s) shall be an undergraduate student. Recipient(s) shall be a non-music major. Recipient(s) shall demonstrate a high level of dedication and involvement in the Music Department.

Chester C. and Alice E. Crill Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established by gifts from Dr. and Mrs. Chester C. Crill. Provides scholarships for declared majors in music.

Chester C. and Alice E. Crill Organ Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a Nazarene student preparing for church music (organ) participation in a Nazarene church.

Ethridge Vocal Scholarship

Chuck and Christina Ethridge, with hearts grateful for the blessings God has lavished on them, endowed the Ethridge vocal scholarship for junior or senior music majors with a concentration in voice, regardless of need. Determination to be made by the Department of Music.

David L. Garven Music Scholarship

Established in memory of David L. Garven, a gifted pianist. The scholarship may be awarded to a sophomore, junior, or senior majoring in music with a minimum GPA of 3.00.

Edward (Bud) Hussong and Ila Stoner Hussong Memorial Scholarship

Established by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hodges in memory of her mother and brother. Student must be majoring in music or vocal performance or have an expressed interest in pursuing a course of study in instrumental performance (trombone) or vocal performance. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 and demonstrate financial need.

Mary Anne Jackson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Recipient(s) demonstrate a Christ-centered life. Recipient(s) shall have demonstrated financial need. Recipient(s) must display interest in serving in any ministry. Preference given to a Harpist or studying the Harp. Recipient(s) shall be selected by the Music Faculty in collaboration with the Chair of the Music Department.

George Elbert and Lois Santo Labenske Music Endowed Scholarship

Selected following a competitive audition for student(s) majoring in Music Department (he/she may be an incoming music major). GPA of 3.0 or above
May be an incoming music major. Preference extended to students auditioning in the area of piano or composition. Selected by the Department Chair in collaboration with Music Department Faculty.

Philomene T. Liesen Endowed Scholarship

Established through an estate gift from Philomene T. Liesen, this scholarship benefits students who are declared music majors with financial need, as determined by Student Financial Services. Candidates shall be recommended by faculty of the music department and annual scholarship award(s) shall not exceed $5,000.

M.A. Merriman and Atha D. Merriman Memorial Scholarship

Established through the estate of Gladys Steorts. Recipient selection shall alternate between the Department of Music and the Department of Literature, Journalism & Modern Languages.

Roselle Lovelace Mokhtarian Memorial Scholarship

Established by Hector Mokhtarian in honor of Roselle Lovelace Mokhtarian, the mother of his children — both Pasadena College graduates. Preference shall be to a music major preparing for a vocation in music ministry with demonstrated financial need.

Music Alumni Fund

Established by music alumni and friends, this fund provides annual scholarships for outstanding music students selected by the music faculty. This scholarship may be awarded to a junior or senior with a minimum GPA of 3.00.

Daniel Nelson Endowed Band Conducting Scholarship

Established with heartfelt joy by Corbett Wright in honor of Dr. Daniel Nelson's years of service to PLNU. Recipient(s) must be junior or senior music major(s).

Keith and Betty Pagan Music Scholarship

Given annually to the outstanding music major with at least a 3.00 GPA, as selected by the music faculty.

George and Catherine Pomeroy Music Scholarship

Established by Catherine Pomeroy as an opportunity for students to develop their music interests as a career or for future performance. Recipients shall be juniors or seniors who are preparing for a career in music education or performance.

Marion D. and Helen M. Redding Music Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA. Preferably should play the violin.

Raymond H. and Phyllis J. Smart Endowed Music Scholarship

Established by the estate of Phyllis J. Smart in memory of Raymond and Phyllis Smart. Recipient shall have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher and shall be selected by faculty of the music department. Demonstrated financial need may be considered, but is not a requirement.

Doris Titterington Piano Endowed Scholarship

Established to honor Doris Titterington, a gifted classical pianist and a dedicated Christian. Recipient shall be a piano major in good standing.

Myron L. Tweed and Pauline E. Tweed Endowed Scholarship

Established through private donations in honor of Myron L. Tweed. Student is to be selected by chair of the music department and have a declared church music concentration.

Reverend Speros Demetrios and Elizabeth Hord Athans Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established to honor Reverend Speros Demetrios and Elizabeth Hord Athans. Recipient shall be intending to pursue a career in missions, ministry, or music/music ministry. Recipient may be pursuing a degree in any PLNU academic program as long as the above criteria is met. (Scholarship awards are not limited to religion or music-related majors.) Student must be in good academic standing and shall have financial need, as determined by Student Financial Services, which will also select the student.